PASS Time: Sports Ball TF2 Style

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PASS time is a new game mode in TF2. It is a collaborative effort of the developers at Valve, Bad Robot and Escalation Studios

From TF2 Blog

About PASS Time

RED and BLU face off in an epic battle to score more goals than their opponents. Coordinated passing, aerial shots, interceptions, team-based formations and plays, defensive lines and the like make for strategically chaotic play.


The "jack" is a ball that, when carried, replaces your weapons. Teamwork is key in protecting the jack-carrier. Pass and shoot with your primary fire. Pick up and intercept by simply touching the jack. Melee an opponent carrier to steal. Carrying the jack also gives that player the following boosts:

  • Health: regeneration
  • Invulnerability: temporary when you steal (with melee) or intercept the jack
  • Speed: temporary increase when you first gain possession
  • Vision: see both teammates AND opponents on the map


  • Passing
    A critical aspect of PASS Time play. Team-based passing is a surefire way to get the ball away from your goal, and into your opponents', as quickly as possible.

  • Coordinated Team Play
    In PASS Time, it’s vital to play as a team. Lone wolf runs don’t stand a chance against a united front.

  • High-Flying Action
    PASS Time introduces speed boosts and jump-pads. Nothing beats the rush of a mid-air shot-on-goal or interception.

  • Defense!
    A balance of offensive and defensive strategy is key. Goalies can be the difference-makers in PASS Time.

  • Sudden Death
    As with most sports, try not to die. Especially if the match ends in a tie—'cause that’s when true Sudden Death kicks in.

Letter from Bad Robot:

Thanks, guys. And hello to the TF2 community! As massive fans of all things Valve and TF2, we've been thrilled to work with them, and the deft developers at Escalation Studios, to present this super early look at PASS Time. And now we're extremely excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with you, the players! Your feedback will be critical to making this mode, at very least, worthy of the game we all love. So, many thanks for hitting us up at with any and all thoughts. Here's hoping that, together, we can create something special that the community will enjoy as much as we've enjoyed just getting to this point!




  • Played for 2 minutes. This is only going to be fun if we do it together. Other team was all scout with 10+ killstreaks most of the time and their guns magically shot where they weren't facing. First time I've ever suspected people of hacking in this game, except for karma of course.

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