Is this a nice fan setup?

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Or not? Should i reconfigure it or stick with the one i currently have?

The PC runs at 50 to 55'c idle or under load and my place have good ventilation so the pc have room to breath.


I think the reason why my pc runs somewhat cool is that i dont have a good gfx card (GEFORCE 4 *cough*).


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    Generally intake low
    exhaust high.

    I would say you are ok but the upper side fan would probably be better as an intake.
    A blow hole and cut out the fan grilles would be some other cooling things you could do that would help.

    Check out this article on cooling.
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    Your graphic shows a good setup, except for the side-mounted exhaust. As stated in the previous posts, exhausts usually need to be higher. Cooler air is usually lower in the case. Expelling the cooler air serves no purpose.
  • DonutDonut Maine
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    What everybody else already said. You can also experiment with it a little. I had a cooling setup similar to yours in one of my builds, through a little trial and error if I unplugged 1 fan (In your drawing-exhaust 3) my system ran it's coolest. YMMV of course.

    I personally try to keep intake/exhaust balanced if possible.
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    That lower fan should be on inhale.
  • trolltroll Windsor, Nova Scotia
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    Thrax wrote:
    That lower fan should be on inhale.

    Second That! :)
  • trolltroll Windsor, Nova Scotia
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    Buddy of mine has a 3G Prescott in a non TAC case... Needless to say it ran hot...

    What I did for him was to change the Exhaust 1 fan to intake and run flex duct from it to the CPU fan... Attached to the Intake fan with foil tape and right down over the CPU Fan just to the start of the heatsink fins. (Do Not cover the FINS :))

    Brought him down a good of 15 Degrees on the CPU temps... (YMMV)

    Then we added a second exhaust fan below the one we flipped over so air would still move through the case.
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