Epic's Cliff Bleszinski calls PC gaming a mess



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    There's probably alot more than I missed, but a PC can do everything a console can do except use xbox live which costs £100, so...
    Xbox Live Gold is 40 quid a year.

    Back on topic though I seriously think Epic lost their way with lazy rehashes of UT. They've not made a decent game in years. The Unreal engine gets better and better though.
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    Oh, I overheard people at school whining about the £100-a-year Xbox live costs. My bad
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    Just so we're all on the same page here, most of the posting in this thread is made by those that are, for all intents and purposes, exceptions to the rule that is PC vs. Console.

    Yeah, you can use your computer on a TV, we know. You know who doesn't? The general public. The general public views a computer the way the Apple portrays them: stuffy, old, good for one thing, generally unfun. Yeah, you can build a $400 computer to do more than a 360/PS3 would, we know. You know who doesn't/can't get a $400 PRE-BUILT gaming machine that can perform with the likes of either 360 or PS3? General public can't.
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    CB Droege wrote:
    Elderscrolls 4

    Uh, D-Ro, whad did Elder Scrolls 4 happen?
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    Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
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    d'oh i was getting oblivion and morrowind mixed up >.<
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    I dunno NiGHTS, I'm not gonna underestimate the general public ;). I guess I would agree though about the expertise of all involved in this thread.

    I will agree that most people use their computers for a wider array of purposes than consoles and for obvious reasons. But I don't really see how that has bearing on which is a better platform.

    I still feel that the veritable tabula rasa that encompasses development for the PC make it a necessary and thriving part of the gaming world and industry. As far as advances in game design how we think of video games, I feel that the PC is where those advances will occur, if only at first. However consoles have become more innovative in control schemes in how the player interacts with the game (i.e. the wii).
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    An interesting take from another PC dev on the state of PC gaming.

    70-85% piracy in the US, and that's the lowest number? Ouch.
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    The veracity of that can easily be challenged. There's considerable evidence to suggest that nobody in the content production industry delivers accurate figures on piracy.
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    Well obviously. But he did mention in one of the links farther down the page the numbers Infinity Ward is seeing cross-platform and the number of hacks and cracks they're getting trying to connect to the multiplayer. When a game sells 10 million on console and 400k on computer given the much larger PC install base, it's at the very least intimidating, if not ultimately damning.
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    If CoD 4 didnt cost more on Steam than it does in the shops it would have sold better in Europe for starters.

    £40 (close to $80 at the current rate) for a digital download is extortion.

    IW/Activision can cry me a river. Valve are managing to make money on PC games, maybe because their prices are fair.
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    frankly im sick of this arguement because it comes down to one thing
    opinion and that's that

    i always have and always will prefer the pc becuase i can do so much more with it and because a console is always a snapshot of an evolving pc market where you can for small amounts continually upgrade your machine whilst with a console you are stuck with it for 4-5 yrs.

    but i understand the other side with its literal drop and play ease of use an no fiddling with settings problems.

    still the way things have been going consoles are trying to be more pc like each evolution.

    i would say in my opinion that most if not all the problems pc gamers face is always from the OS of no-choice.
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    Anyone can use a console.
    Not everyone can use their PC effectively.
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