Spider-Man Homecoming

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian

First trailer is here!



  • LincLinc Bard Detroit Icrontian

    Andrew Garfield got ripped off.

  • AlexDeGruvenAlexDeGruven Wut? Meechigan Icrontian

    He did, because he did a Fox Studios gig, who have been very bad with the Marvel properties lately.

    Homecoming is a Marvel Studios project, which will be much less awful.

  • I have two primary nerd obsessions, Star Wars and Spider Man... Those are my big two.

    Sony did five Spider Man films, and the only one that was a horrible let down was Spider Man 3... and even that does not completely suck (big emphasis on completely)

    The incomplete vision of the Marc Webb / Andrew Garfield films is a tragedy in my opinion. The re telling of the origin story (the most important story in comics history).. was crafted even better than the Rami film, and that was no small task. The second movie was an imperfect bridge but it included a major event in the characters history that for the most part was well done, it should have been the bridge to a book end making the set complete, now we will never have it, and that sucks.

    See, if you love Spider Man, you get it. The central part of the character is that beginning, why he has to live by that code. He can't escape it because he has such a deep conscience. He isn't a wise ass just to be funny, it's a coping mechanism. Peter Parker is actually extremely complicated, and that was not a thing in Comic Books prior to that. So if you like the idea of super hero stories that can cater to a slightly more mature mindset, you can thank a Spider Man fan. Everything before it was just some super dude in tights beating up a bad guy because you know, Good vs. Evil... Spider Man is a lot more than that, and they were trying to tell that story but I guess people didn't get it.

    That said, this looks like it may be pretty good, but I am really bummed I'll never have the book end to the second set of films.

  • WinfreyWinfrey waddafuh Missouri Icrontian

    They should bring back toby maguire in 20 years for a grampa spider man movie. "my spidey arthritis is tingling!"

  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    New trailer! Looking really good so far:

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