Expo 2019 Magic: The Gathering Draft

LincLinc BardDetroit

I thought we'd do something particularly epic this year.

We'll be drafting Guilds of Ravnica & Ravnica Allegiances. Mythic Edition.

Ravnica is the world of guilds! Ten 2-color guilds inhabit this world, each with their own mechanic that synergizes with overlapping-color guilds. In our third visit to the plane, these two sets came out in fall 2018 and winter 2019. Five of the guilds are in Guilds of Ravnica, and five are in Ravnica Allegiances. So, you'll most likely want to draft a 2-color (1 guild) or 3-color (2 guilds with an overlapping color) deck.

Now what's this Mythic Edition business?

They released a very limited run of each set that includes special versions of 8 planeswalkers for each of the two sets. So your first pack is guaranteed to have a badass foil planeswalker. Spoilers: you'll probably wanna try to prioritize that color(s) in your drafting.

Since 11 folks signed up, we'll have 2 drafting pods of 5-6 people (note we can support up to 5 more people if more folks want to join). One pod will be drafting Guilds, the other Allegiances. If you have a preference, let me know and I can probably accommodate that. The planeswalker packs will be randomly distributed.

As a reminder, in drafting you pick-and-pass from 3 booster packs until all the cards are gone, then add as many basic lands as you want to build a 40-card deck. A match is best of 3. We'll play 3 matches on a timer (probably 50 minutes). If time runs out on a match before someone has won 2 games, you play 5 more turns and then end the match.


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