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The Primerian Calendar

primesuspectprimesuspect HumanGarbageDisposalDetroit, MI Icrontian
edited Oct 2011 in Icrontic
Here at Icrontic, we do not subscribe to the traditional Julian or Gregorian calendars. We do not follow the Mayan calendar (we don't want the world to end in 2012, so...) nor do we follow the Buddhist, Islam, or Hindu calendars.

We have something much more scientific: the Primerian Calendar

A Year in the life of an Icrontian is broken up into six months. The months are as follows:

COLD: Basically what it says. This is "hibernate and play games with other Icrontians" season. Traditionally, the natives huddle around their monitors and connect with their peers via gaming. They complain about the weather, commiserate, and an industrious few of them use the weather to achieve extra crazy overclocks.

ICSP: The meaning of "ICSP" has been lost to the mists of time, but this is the season when the Icrontians shirk off the mantle of Cold and begin to congregate in person. They raise their mugs, make toasts, and drink good beer.

Expo: The "holy month" of the Primerian Calendar. The Icrontians gather together and celebrate their community, their history, and also pull pranks on one another. Also they eat, drink, and make merry... In person.

Hot: Similar to "Cold" but the Icrontians complain about the heat. This season is marked with lots of comparisons of exactly HOW hot it is where they live and how much worse they have it than other Icrontians. Historians have noted that nobody has it worse than the one Icrontian in Puerto Rico.

Beer: While beer is indeed consumed during the months of ICSP and Expo... Well, during all other months, this month is particularly focused on the making, artistry, and consumption of this nectar of the gods. Icrontians gather 'round the old keg and... well.. They eat, drink, and make merry.. In person... again.

Presents: As prelude to the month of Cold, Icrontians try to recall the good times they had throughout the year, and talk about what presents they want, and what presents they're going to send to each other. Shwaipclaus descends from the Internets and confers his blessing upon the giftgivers. Everybody is happy!


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