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The League of Extraordinary Icrontians season two

primesuspectprimesuspect HumanGarbageDisposalDetroit, MI Icrontian
edited Sep 2012 in Team Fortress 2
imageGather round, gather round. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we've got a wonderful announcement to make:

The League of Extraordinary Icrontians is returning for a second season!

The League, if you're not familiar, is a weekly Team Fortress 2 game with Icrontians old and new, pro and noob. Every Tuesday night at 10pm EST we will gather on rad.icrontic.com and play the night away (some nights, the LOEI have played until 3am).

For the second season, we will be announcing participation badges as well as special event badges for those of you who like to buff up your Icrontic user profiles (aka achievement whores).

We'll have a casual, unofficial inaugural run tonight at 10pm EST just to get the band back together, and the first official League session will be next week, the 10th, at 10pm EST.

Welcome back everyone!


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