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Hey guys,

I was going through my music library on my laptop (different thread) and was listening to a few songs. I then hit me that a few of these songs describe my life pretty accurately, which got me to thinking, what songs describe your life? They can describe your life in general, places you feel fondly of, memories made (both good and bad) and so on. So I want to know, what songs (not just one) describe your life?

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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    This song by the Grateful Dead is for my father. I think I cry almost every time I listen to it.

  • I'm going to take this more along the 'songs with significance to your life' path. Hope that isn't too much of a stretch.

    One of my favorites:

    A few people will understand the meaning behind this one for me:

    Maybe more later.

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    Well, I can tell you what my anthems were when I was in jr high:

    I assume anyone who knows my background/ has ever met a late 90s early 2000s teenage girl is not at all surprised by these choices.

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    This could sum up some times.

    And this others.

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    usually followed by this

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    Mine is, of course, a Five Iron Frenzy song.

  • If I were supreme ruler Coldplay would be one of the first dozen or so things I'd ban. :crazy:

    That out of the way, this is my favorite most personal song. So personal I'm not going to share why... It's beautiful, it was there for me at a time when I needed it. That's all I'm going to say about that.

  • @Fatcat has good taste, when I'm supreme ruler I'll appoint him to my cabinet of good music.

    One more from Live around that era, Deep cut, Heropsychodreamer is basically a song about an outcast kid that has some vivid fantasies about getting even with the cool kids.... At least that is the way I see it. I could have written it at the time.

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    @Cliff_Forster I didn't like that album at release, but over the years it has grown on me. Nothing will top Throwing Copper, but The Distance to Here is also excellent

    Always enjoy this song from Secret Samadhi

  • And since I'm on a roll. Lifelong RUSH nerd. Funny thing is, so many RUSH tunes are lyrically a little too direct to be interesting on that front. It's more about the musicianship, the way they play together. That's not to say lyrically the songs are empty, just that I prefer at least a little challenge in interpretation, and Neil Peart tends to write very directly, or he writes in the context of fantasy, but it still paints a very easily interpreted image.

    What's interesting sometimes is how your interpretation of a certain song will change, or how you find some meaning or personal connection with it with experience, age, understanding, whatever it might be. Presto for me was never a favored song in the catalog and I thought I understood clearly what it meant until about a year or so ago when I listened to it again and got something new out of it. For the 40 year old me it is a song about regret and having trouble making peace with it...

  • @Fatcat - Throwing Copper is definitely the bands crown jewel and for my money one of the ten best listens from cover to cover. Not a bad song on it.

  • @Mt_Goat - Another Brick in the Wall Part II is my first memory of Rock radio. I remember hearing it when I was only five years old riding in the back seat of my Fathers car. I didn't understand what those kids were singing about at the time, but I know something about it appealed to me. I remember telling my Grandfather that my favorite band was Pink Floyd and he laughed and I got very serious and defensive for a five year old, like look here... I don't need no!!! I'm pretty sure that song is partly responsible for my attitude problem.

    If you were to ask me to pick one guitarist as my favorite as difficult as that would be I think David Gilmour has my favorite style. I like how he bends his notes, the little blues influence but it's also kind of melodic, meticulous, not just off the cuff. His solos sound polished and I like how in the middle of them he will just throw in a little cord for texture and then go back to bending each note. The solo in Another Brick still does it for me. Love it.

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    I have yet to share one of mine so I'll do it now.

    While I was working today, I went ahead and cleaned some buckets that we hold our sweet tea in. While I was scrubbing them, this song came into my head.

    I realized then that while I complain about my job, my life, etc., I am very blessed to also have lived it. I am blessed to have the friends I have (including you guys), to actually have a job (with the bosses I have), the time I spent with my father/grandmother/grandfather, and much more, and a tear nearly rolled down my face. Sometimes in this life we take things for granted. Sometimes, we just need to sit back and consider what we do have instead of what we don't.

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    Song: Soranin/Solanin by Asain Kung Fu Generation

    Timeline of Significance: 2010-2011
    Reason for Significance: End of High School years. Anxiety over what the future holds for me. The song is from a manga of the same name. Both, in summary, are about accepting life's ever changing nature, including the possibility that loved ones come and go.

    Songs: "Roads Untraveled" & "Waiting For The End by Linkin Park"

    Timeline of Significance: 2012-2014
    Reason for Significance: Highest I've ever been so far. Quickly followed by the lowest low. Years spent trying to just stand back up. "Picking up the pieces, where to begin. The hardest part of landing, is starting up again."

    Song: "Hope and Dreams/Save the World" from Undertale (This is a cover by Little V Mills as the original loops for quite awhile. Both provide the same feeling though. Also note that this is pretty much the final theme of the game and you may want to avoid the comments section for spoilers.)

    Timeline of Significance: Present & Future
    Reason for Significance: I've got a nice foundation now, and am filled with hope, dreams, and determination. This song elicits so many emotions I'm not sure what to feel other then "good".

    Song: "I Am A River" by Foo Fighters

    Timeline of Significance: Not sure. I think my life as a whole, even into the future.
    Reason for Significance: Just feels right, it resonates so well.

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    This has been me recently, college down the shitter, fucking up at every turn, disappointing everyone I care about. Feeling alone, adrift on the wind. A life just begone and yet already off course.

    Running between what I want to be and what I am, striving for virtue and falling short.

    However, for some reason I hold on, keep on workin to salvage. Tryin to make enough money to run, to hide from my thoughts, prayin I can put back enough each week to someday get somewhere,

    hell maybe even find someone to lean on in the mean time.

    All in all though, I'm doin alright.
    Dispite the pisitive outlook it's still a bitch when where you are in life can be summed up in five country songs.

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