Advice on rooting an Android tablet / Lenovo S8-50F

I have a little 8" Android tablet where OTA updates seem to be failing. It's stuck on 4.4, I believe officially they brought it up to 5.0. It isn't a critical piece of hardware for me, more of a plaything.

I have not rooted a device in a few years. Anyone have some advise on a good rooting method and a ROM that will run well on the hardware, Atom quad core at 1.86 Ghz and 2GB RAM. I'd run 6.0 assuming it will run nicely, but even if I could just get it up to 5.0 I'd be pleased.


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    @Snarkasm said:
    Go to XDA Developers and look for your exact device in the forums. If it's there, they'll have the best, most-up-to-date rooting methods and a collection of ROMs for you.

    This is the defacto answer for every phone that I've ever rooted, helped someone else root, etc etc ad nauseum.

  • Thanks, the XDA site provides quite an education. Rooting my device was easy, custom ROMs for Intel Baytrail based tablets, not so much.... Still an interesting process of digging around and learning a little bit more about the software guts of the tablet. I might just sell this one on Craigslist and get something more mod friendly.

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