Expo 2016: 2nd *cough* Annual EPIC Scavenger Hunt!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the 2nd ever annual Icrontic Expo Scavenger Hunt...a few years late! We’re super excited to introduce some of you to the lore of Icrontic and awesome stuff about Detroit, and remind the rest of you about our historical shenanigans.

Teams can be anywhere from 1 to 5 people. You guys can turn in your physical items by bringing them to me any time before the deadline-- for your photos, I'd like you to create a thread here on IC for each team. @Lincoln will be making a separate category on the forums for this, so anyone not interested can hide that so it won't muck up your content. Please label each photo in your thread with the requirement you are meeting.

All photos must be taken during the event, meaning from this point onward! Your photo from Canada two weeks ago does not count.

Please turn everything in by 3pm Saturday! I will need time to score. Italics denote a physical item.

I want to see:


Your best selfie with one of the dogs in the house
A picture with someone who has been to every expo, and isn’t Primesuspect
A picture with someone who is new to the expo (Make sure to introduce yourself, too!)
Pictures with both owners of IC
A picture with a person of the year
Picture of something Nain related
Bottle cap from bottle of Faygo _
_Bottle cap from bottle of Towne Club _
_Bottle cap from local beer _
_Bottle cap from a Bawls

A Tudor style home
Inside of the witch’s hat
CB looking at the camera
A sash weight
The patron saint of ICHQ / Sullivan House renovation
4 distinct President Lincoln-themed items in the Pub room
4 Buddha / Buddha-like statues at ICHQ
An IC business card

10 pts:

Picture of the Canadian shoreline or in Canada
_Menus from any former featured Expo dinner spot _
Picture at the Corktown Inn
Picture of a food item that Detroit is known for
Picture of the WSU “Wu Tang” logo
A picture with the Woodbridge Historic Sign
Picture at Eastern Market
Picture in Greek town
All 4 dogs that have lived in ICHQ
5 Icrontians (not on your team) flexing
_A picture of one of the magnets @UPSKingpin hid around the house (or an actual magnet) _

15 pts:

Picture of you “brofisting” with Joe Louis’ fist
A picture visiting the Shinola store
Figure out which beer is repeated on the beer walls
Picture of any mural by Fel3000ft
Pic of any large work of art containing a tiger
Picture of a marijuana dispensary with a creative name
Picture of a pheasant
Picture of where Perry works
Someone on your team winning a Play of the Game in Overwatch (Post the play!)
Personalized drawing from Canti
A screenshot of a taunt kill in TF2

20 pts:

Picture from inside the People Mover
A picture on Belle Isle
_An unopened bottle of Nova Shin _
_Coaster from a local brewery or distillery
_Two IC dudes kissing (not Lincoln and Aaron)

25 pts

Pictures eating CONEYS at both American and Lafayette
A pic of the old and new homes of the Detroit Red Wings


Pics of three different buildings from one or more of these famous architects: Either Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Albert Kahn, or Minoru Yamasaki.

Happy Hunting! <3



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