WANTED: Prizes & Prizemaster for Expo 2017

LincLinc OwnerDetroit Icrontian
edited May 2017 in Events

The prize table at Expo is a community effort! You can contribute anything that appeals to this motley crew of gamers personally, or as a company. We always take time to talk up our corporate contributors during the event, including (especially!) indie artists and makers. This is a great way to put something in front of 60 gamers or just secret santa your friends. :cool: If you know a friend or company and want to put us in touch with them, please do.

If you're interested in contributing, post here (include prize description + quantity) or email lincoln AT icrontic.com. We'll post a more coordinated, final list later.

If you're interested in coordinating the prize table, do likewise! The gig includes: labeling ticket jars, taking stock / collecting prizes at the event, making the prize table look great, keeping notes about sponsors, and posting a final prize list on this site.



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