Humble Bundle has Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for $5.64!

KwitkoKwitko Sheriff of Banning (Retired)By the thing near the stuff Icrontian

It comes with 5 other games, so it's a great deal, even just for the one game. Plus, you're supporting Extra Life/Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. I know @primesuspect and a few others have played, and they've said it's a lot of fun. Definitely worth checking out.



  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian

    Yep, fantastic bundle.

  • d3k0yd3k0y Loveland, OH Icrontian
    edited March 2018

    Anyone else always make sure to give at least 50% of the bundle to charity?

  • KwitkoKwitko Sheriff of Banning (Retired) By the thing near the stuff Icrontian


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