Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker



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    That trailer gave me goosebumps. WHY IS IT NOT DECEMBER YET?!?!?!?!?

  • I'm sorry, that lightsaber design is clunky AF. That said, I'm banking it's not even real, it's a vision, a preminision, like the warning to Luke in the cave. Rey can't be evil.

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    To be fair, Poe has had the most character development, and he was the best character from the beginning, so I'm pretty excited for his conclusion. Yeah, I think Rey's development has been a bit slow and clunky at times. It feels like they just had so much stuff to put into the movies they had trouble making room for character development on all of their main characters.

    I think they'll put a bit of a time skip in this movie though so they can get some development in on some of these characters, or maybe just to match the pacing of the original trilogy which had a time skip for return of the jedi xD.

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    seems pretty likely considering light jedi never use red lightsabers for...lucas reasons? I dunno. Something. The new movies kept to that odd rule though so unless Rey goes bad for a bit that scene seems odd.

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    Tickets bought!

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    I'mma have to watch this a few hundred times today.

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    And to make sure we prepare properly for the end of the saga:

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    My wife actually first alerted me of this idea after watching Revenge of the Sith with her. She was like, oh, so the Emperor is actually Anakin's force Dad, he was implying it at that weird space opera thing, and I was like, say what?? (I had seen that film three times at that point always assuming it was just a lie to seduce Anakin).

    This idea is now canon for those not in the know.

    With Disney + I watched some of the Phantom Menace the other day, and this revelation sort of changes things. The idea of how much control and influence Palatine had in the entire process. All planned out years in advance. Maul and Tyranus were only pawns in the game, just distractions for the Jedi as the Emperor edged closer to his objective.

    Lucas said in an interview that the six episodes he contributed to were a more tightly wound clock than people realized, and in time they would come to understand.

    I don't want to get my hopes too high but I think The Rise of Skywalker is going to tie it all together in a way that makes every episode feel essential and important. Why is Luke in hiding, a hermit, because the old tale of the sins of the Father, he is sacrificing himself for the greater good, he knows how dangerous he is. Why would Luke even consider murdering someone in their sleep, the dark side, he is always at war with it because he is a decedent of pure evil. Thematically it even gets into nature vs. nurture.

    So excited.

  • Let's just say that The Empire Strikes Back position as the finest film ever made is very, very safe.

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    I fuckin' loved it.

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