AoA Downtime between 1.03 and 1.04

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See This Post for details on Downtime

Please post here the downtime activities your character is taking.


  • colacola part legend, part devil... all man Balls deep Icrontian

    Lucky is going to have spent downtime practicing whip. This will be used to replace training in rapier.

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Veerefel will seek income by asking if Velma needs some additional security around the inn. He's good at intimidation, and can usually stop a fight merely by staring down the instigator, despite his diminutive size.

    Resting scowl face, as it were.

  • If it's possible, Gunnar will Earn Income during downtime by offering to heal and treat the sick. It's not listed there as a possible way to earn income in the PHB, but I figure it's on theme with him.

    If not, with the merchant background he's able to earn income using Diplomacy by Bargain Hunting. So he'll do that if he can't heal people.

  • Rehana will spend the time crafting alchemist’s fire. While it would be nice to reverse-engineer another formula, at low levels I’m very limited in the number of bombs available as part of my daily preparations and bombs are my primary mode of attack. I can’t spend all of my daily infusions on bombs, I need to use some for utility items and also keep a few available for quick alchemy.

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    Kreck will attempt to find some way to earn income. Hopefully something needs stacking or moved. With a recent arrival of a caravan maybe he can help load some boxes or stock a store.

    Also, he may do some minor perusing for books that the University may find of interest. Preferably with pretty pictures, maybe a map. If it has words the words have to be big (note that Kreck is referencing the size of the font not the complexity of the words). An eye catching cover doesn't hurt. He would even be willing to trade labor for a book if he finds a store that has both.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian
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    @RyanFodder Delma tells you that the farmers are getting more restless than usual. She would welcome the help in keeping the peace tonight 'fer da bunch of turnipheads needs some tuff love don'tcha'know'. Go ahead and roll an intimidation skill check against the task level of 2 for the first day. If you keep that roll, you can keep the job for 5 nights.

    @jazzworth You can certainly attend to the sick of the town. As it so happens, Aggness the Gnome whom you met last night has a need for someone to clear her vision as its been getting cloudy lately with the cold weather. You can roll on Medicine check against a Task level 2 for the first day. If you keep that job, she'll refer you around town for others who need simple healing at the same price. 5 patients in total.

    @SublimeBW Turnips are harvested four times a season. You happen to be in town for the season's last and largest harvest before the rest become mash for the Turnip ale. Farmer Ellom needs a strong back to help pull & pile. Its good honest hard work and pays at the Task 2 level. Go ahead and roll a fort check to see how well you kept up with the task for the first day. If you opt to keep the job, there is 5 days of work ahead for you.

  • Kal would like to begin working with Dog to respond to non-verbal commands, if possible. The eventual goal of this being to be able to command while wild shaped. I see expanding on the basic command options to be a step on that road.

    As a Wild druid he also needs to not fully rely on civilization, so he would likely spend most of the time out in the forests around Eltran's Folly hunting, gathering, and sleeping.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    Yes, With the Train an Animal, you can spend downtime to train your Animal Companion to do things. I will say that it will take a full week to train Dog to do one specific action non-verbally. DC will start high, as you are just starting training him. It might go down with success. DC will be 18 for the first action to learn. You can roll that check for the first day, and if you succeed you can use the rest of the week to train. If you fail, you can abandon that week of training and do something else with your downtime.

  • Nature roll: 23. Kal will spend the week training Dog to Stride via a point command. He will stick to eatting in the Feedmill.

  • Medicine roll: Unnat 20.

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Intimidation check: 19

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian
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    @TiberiusLazarus after a week of pointing at fish on the ground, letting him go get the fish, then rewarding him with more fish for doing as you pointed, you are able to teach Dog to Stride given a gesture. Dog needs to be able to see you in order to follow the command and it still takes an action to Command Animal. Also, you smell of fish. But thats not an issue for a Wild Druid so much as one for the rest of the team.

    @jazzworth You earn 3sp and some gnomish shortbread cookies from Aggness as a Trained Healer. She refers you around town. Margarette Willowspear will offer you 3sp and some homemade hard cider for proper healing from her broken finger, mangled in a orchard farming accident last summer and set poorly. Brandish Gullsbottom offers you 3sp to clear his respiratory wheezing due to fallfever when the cottonwoods are in bloom. Trin from Feedmill burned herself on a hot stove and Delma pays 3sp in free rent for treatment. Lastly, by the end of the week, Kilgorlin Fusk pays you 3sp and a fresh sparklebass to get the fishing hook out of his neck and stop the bleeding.

    @RyanFodder The first night Brandish and Ellom look to be getting into a scrape, you give them both a stern eyeballing. Brandish backs down easily enough and Ellom shrug it off. Seeing the value in a barfight free night, Delma offers you 15sp for five nights of service, opting to close the bar early the last two nights of the week to get some rest herself. She offers to draw the 14sp from your room tab for the full 7 nights (rent is 2sp a night) and pay the additional 1sp coin on top.

  • colacola part legend, part devil... all man Balls deep Icrontian

    Additionally in the evenings/night Lucky would try to learn from Kal about surviving in nature/how to find shelter in places that aren't city. Being out of doors is relatively new to Lucky and they would relish the chance at exploring and developing new skills.

  • Given that Rehana can’t alchemist yet she would peddle her services (Earn Income) setting up her stand, "Finch & Son's Marvelous Medicinal Miracles and Prodigious Prophetical Portents, LLC.”

    Snake oil and palm readings.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    @cola So I would say that in story you are hanging out with Kal at night pestering about how to survive in nature. Mechanically you will need to focus on the whip proficiency all week in order to retrain your proficiency from rapier to whip. But that retraining doesn't require a roll, so by the end of the week you will swap those two.

    @sagnam So under Alchemist Tools, it says you can setup a mobile Alchemical Lab 'Alchemist’s Tools: These beakers and chemicals can be used to set up a mobile alchemical laboratory.' 287 I would expect that Rehana needs that in order to create Snake Oil, so if you want to brew something other than Snake Oil, I believe you can as long as you have Alchemical Tools with you. But if you want to make Snake Oil, you can. Roll Craft Alchemy for anything other than Snake Oil. For Snake Oil, its less about the crafting and more about the conning, so give me a Lie skill check.

  • Assuming you mean a Fortitude Saving Throw Kreck managed a measly 25 (rolled in Roll20).

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian
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    @SublimeBW You got a critical success. Farmer Ellom is impressed. He says you've done the work of 2 people. While he says he can't pay you more than the 3sp a day, he says he has an idea. He asks you to wait a moment and goes into his farmhouse. On his return he has a book in his hands. 'Since you've been asking so many questions about the town and area while we worked, I figured you might be interested in this.' The book is entitled 'Histories and Tales throughout Isger' written by Hanis Tallstable. It will give you a +2 to any history check focused on the region of Isger if you feel Kreck can read and understand it. It does have illustrations but isn't an easy read.

  • @sazboom Kreck is happy to do a good job! He will gladly take the pay but is at a bit astonished by the amount; 3SP a day is more than he would have expected. Kreck will carry out his duties while whistling the merriest of tunes. He may, on occasion, think about eating a turnip but he knows they aren't for him so he won't do it.

    As for the book, he isn't thrilled by the complexity of the words but given it sounds like it could have good stories in it (based solely on 'tales' in the title) and has a few pretty pictures he thinks it could be worth sending back to the University.


    Book keeping: as we have a 2SP per day cost of living I would mark this off as a total gain of + 5SP, correct?

  • sagnamsagnam Member
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    I don't have a lab yet, it costs 5 gp and has bulk 6. I can't afford it and I also need a safe place to store it (like a base or wagon). It's sort of like a forge for smithing.

    I can make up to 12 snake oils a day as part of my daily preparation using special "infused reagents" that are good for 24 hours then become inert as I prepare the next day. I assume Rehana would use 8-10 of those for snake oil and another 2-4 minor elixir of life to really heal people if they are worthy. If business is actually booming enough to use up the daily supply she could either sell tap water, some random concoction that does nothing, or increase the price and tell them to come back early the next day.

    I took proficient in occultism for the palm reading/tarot card angle, but if there is a better skill for that let me know. I figure if she's running a con she would diversify.

    I got a crit 20 for 25 (it's in roll20!!). She lies so well she starts believing it herself. (EDIT: 26 if I leveled up to 2 before)

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    @SublimeBW yes, at the end of downtime, you have to subtract your cost of living. Since you are staying at the Feedmill, you all have a cost of living of 2sp a day.

    @sagnam hmm, I like the idea of occultism if you weren't running a con. That would be more if your character actually believed what they were doing was fortunetelling. Since Rehana knows she is running a con, it really should be from the deception group.

  • I forgot to mention that roll was for Deception.

    If she can really tell fortunes using occultism then she would absolutely do that too. She would con those she doesn't feel are worthy.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian
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    @sagnam less about being able to fortune tell and more about believing she can. I think its all in what she believes she is doing for people and if she thinks it is a con or not

  • It's like the healing, sometimes she's conning sometimes she's not, probably more con. To be clear, I'm not looking for an occultism roll just letting you know it's there because she knows her stuff. She doesn't really know anything about medicine though!

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian
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    @sagnam okay, so rehana is getting the half of the town that hasn't gone to Gunnar for healing. She is getting all the eccentric characters that want to tell the gnome about their strange rash and how they got it during a new moon and are convinced they are cursed by a duck.

    Rehana finds that the town is actually very superstitious and you hear a few of the purchasers say this better not be another silwyn scam, a reference to the last alchemist that died on the plagestone 10 years ago. Snakeoil works best if you aren't around when the effects wear off, which is a bit of a problem for the con. but you are able to get 15sp (3sp x 5) all in the first day. The rest of the days you are avoiding people and trying to not get pinned down by the locals who are wondering why it stopped working.

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