1.05 - 1.06 Downtime in Breachill

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What is everyone doing in Breachill? For more information about Breachill, check this Players Guide


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    Veerefel would like to shop around for a magic vendor, primarily looking for scrolls, and someone he could learn to craft from.

    A scroll staff would be interesting as well... If he could be taught to use it properly.

    Most of the items Veerefel would be interested in are to expensive yet, so biding time now to learn seems like his best bet.

  • Kreck will deliver the outstanding reagent creates (hopefully taking someone along to confirm we get what we are supposed to).

    Afterward, he would look into the Reliant Book Company but be immediately put off as these books don't fit his needs. Clearly, these books are meant to impress people with their complex words and belittle others by they lack of pictures. Too stuffy and likely costs more than what it should.

    On to some work! Kreck would eagerly go check out Tuskhead Stoneworking thinking it would be an easy gig to move some stones and it would be nice to work for a fellow half-orc. Sadly, he will be disappointed to learn that the owner is a dwarf. That said, Kreck is OK with that as a boss is a boss and remembers a former dwarf boss was pretty good at giving directions so will still ask if they need help moving, storing or delivering goods or even splitting some stones. Anything that isn't too fine detail he is OK with (no carving, taking customer orders and so on).

  • Since we were tasked to return the reagents to Morta, Gunnar will go along with Kreck (and possibly Rehana) for the drop off. Seeing as how Morta is the town gossip, he would take this opportunity to make a good impression on her and try to befriend her. He would possibly volunteer his time to spend the day with Morta to help with her mortician duties to further the rapport.

    On another day, Gunnar would then go to Crimson Wood Furs. He'd want to purchase a new coat. Looking for something very well tailored, but simple and plain. Gunnar believes you should look your best, but not be extravagant. If the coat meets his expectation for craftsmanship, as part of his religious tithes, Gunnar would invest money in this business. Gunnar would also try to befriend Winthrop Finney.

    Gunnar would also go to Vusker's Carts and Wheels. He'd look into any repairs that his cart needs given the hasty retreat from the spiders and any possible upgrades to the cart. Like Crimson Wood Furs, if the work is well-done, Gunnar would also offer investment into this business as part of his tithes. And he would also attempt to befriend Fadelby Vusker.

    And if there's enough down time, Gunnar would attempt to make an impression (in this order) with Quentino Posandi at Posandi Bros, Rorsk Axebane at Tuskehad Stoneworking, Narine Howerdell at Breach Creek Lumber, Voz Lirayne at Reliant Book Company, and Crink Twiddleton at Quarters and Bits. If not able to make an impression, at least meet and introduce himself to these people.

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    Lucky would likely take up residence at The Great Dreamhouse requiring only floor space and spend free time trading stories with other travelers.

    On the first day Lucky is going to take Hallod’s kukri to the smithy to get its rune transferred to the whip and the Shadow rune added to their explorers clothing.

    In between both of those, Lucky would ask around to see if there was any interesting work to be done (preference goes to Dreamhouse work, maybe leading a service?). If not...we’ll... Lucky has other ways of entertainment and acquiring coin, and likely will dip into unguarded coin purses regardless.

    If there’s time, Lucky would like to try to befriend a local as well. Preferably Kellen Carondil of the Dreamhouse or Crink Twiddleton of QnB.

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    @RyanFodder Trini Sprizzlegig (CG female gnome councilor) is your best source of crafting knowledge. She runs a shop called Lost Legends Reclaimed where she sells rebuilt antiques from the Thassilonian Empire, most of which are beautiful collectors pieces but wildly impractical. She has a side business working with adventurers buying & selling, and creating magical items and scrolls.

    @SublimeBW Rorsk Axebane is used to itinerant workers passing in and out of Breachill on their way to other places. He hasn't seen many adventurers interested in the back-breaking work of rock hauling, so he is very keen on testing his perceived notions of adventures as a 'pile of delicate eggs dat'll break da ferst day o' real hard work'

    @jazzworth & @SublimeBW you both head to Morta's Mortuary to deliver the reagents from the bounty. She greets you both in her parlor, comfortably appointed but not too audacious. She seems very pleased that you retrieved the embalming fluids as they are rare and difficult to acquire. Her tone is warm and friendly as you talk over a casket, recently occupied by a dentist named Igorin. She pays Gunnar 5 gold as agreed, as well as a written receipt for a discount on any excess reagents she offers for sale. Additionally, she offers a group discount to the party for her funeral services if the deaths all happen within the same day. Gunnar, you learn that Morta does know and can be hired to perform the resurrect ritual.

    Gunnar, you talk her up a bit. Give me a Diplomacy roll to see how much she is comfortable sharing about the town

    As for Crimson Wood Furs, you find Winthrop to be a most excellent clothinger and fine dapper gentleman. His stock is a bit out of date, having lost the Order of the Nail business 8 years ago when they abandoned the Citadel. But his prices are ever so slightly below retail. As for coats, he has two commissioned pieces, both available for purchase. The first is a doe skin coat with brown fox fur trim. It is a light tan and has the softness of worn leather. The second coat is a spun fabric wool coat of greens and charcoal. This coat is very rugged yet fashionable with large wooden buttons with brass trim.

    At Vusker's you are told by Fadelby that you indeed need a bunch of things for your wagon (as is typical of any vehicle repair place anywhere in any reality). The rear axle needs to be replaced due to its age, the floorboards need renailing, and the wheels need rotating. He offers to do the work for 4 silver plus 5 copper for the materials. He also recommends the wagon be outfitted with the latest bullseye lanterns for night travel, as he heard tell you arrived well after curfew. That would cost 8 copper for the lanterns and 2 copper to mount. He said if you are taking her off the road he would recommend bowsprings on the axles to save the frame from stress. 3 copper in material and 5 cp in installation. Lastly he recommends a spare wheel mounted under the wagon for 3 coppers and a free mountkit.

    @cola You ask the Weaponsmith at Quarter and Bits, Yorlin Truearm, about rune transfer and he says it will take 1 day and cost 10% the listed price of a new rune to transfer. For the Weapon Potency rune (+1 to attack) it normally costs 35gp to buy, so 3gp 5sp to transfer. He says the Shadow rune would also take 1 day but is easier given its from a Runestone, so it's just 2sp of his time.

    Ill handle the Befriend a Local downtime activities in a separate post.

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    Did everyone reconcile their last downtime at Etran's Folly against the Cost of Living?

    For everyone it would have cost your character 1gp 4sp (2sp per day for 7 days) per person in Cost of Living. Kal said he was living in the forest, but he didn't take the Subsist downtime activity so he can't avoid the Cost of Living charge.

    Now that you are in Breachill, you have the choice of where you want to stay and where you want to eat. Page 294 of the rulebook has the Costs of Living for the different levels of comfort. Let me know in this thread how comfortable you are living during your downtime.

    As an added bonus, if you choose to 'live off the land' as Kal wants to I will houserule that you can attempt to do the Subsist Downtime in addition to and not instead of another downtime activity. The catch is, if you fail your subsist check (Society or Survival), you have to pay for Comfortable Cost of Living accommodations as you recover from the failure to fend for yourself.

  • @sazboom YUP! I adjusted my coin (and income) with the cost of living for when we were in Etran's Folly. Kreck is happy with a Comfortable living situation for Breachhill; I will just need to know how long we are staying in town. Also, did you need any particular roll for the labor? I am assuming it would be a Lore - Labor so I went ahead and preemptively rolled in Roll20; 15.

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    Kalzium has three main goals in visiting Breachill.

    1) Find a way to help protect dog. Seeing dog get taken down by those mutant wolves really shook him.

    2) Visit the local temples.

    3) Spend as little time in town as possible.

    To these ends he will spend some time at each of the 3 temples chatting with any followers. He is mostly looking for stories he has not heard to add to his book on the gods. After that he will stop by Crimson Wood Furs believing it to be a place where they may work in hides for armor. The extravagance and wastefulness of the place will likely anger him. I imagine Kal's appearance ("hide armor" made of many different animal hides, furs, bones, etc. roughly cut and patchwork sewn together in mismatched layers) will equally anger Winthrop.

    Moving on from there he will visit Quarters and Bits (possibly on an angry recommendation from Winthrop). Kal will offer to do some work for them to help pay for a set of Light Barding for Dog ("He's a growin' boy so make sure he can grow in to it"). Any work that involves leaving town would be great, perhaps collecting hides? End goal of this work is to get or have easier access to the barding. whether that is money or hides to have made in to barding eventually (scrap leather is great to match Kal :))

    Kal will plan to stay outside of town (subsist since you made that option available). He is still trying to get a feel of what is happening to the area and he wants to be in it to better understand it.

  • 13 Diplomacy with Morta.

    I'd like to buy the wool coat as well as get it fitted properly.

    I pay Fadelby 1g to do all repairs and upgrades (4 silver and 26 copper by my calculation).

    Assuming they do a good job and show high levels of craftsmanship, I offer to invest in their businesses (Crimson Wood Furs and Vuskers) by supplying them with a 2g loan with only a 1% interest rate to be put to use by any means they deem necessary whether its advertising, signage, raw materials, or whatever.

    Gunnar will be fine with a Comfortable standard of living.

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    All, we are going to take 7 days for downtime in Breachill

    @RyanFodder You will need to acquire the Magical Crafting feat in order to make your own magical items. Just for clarity, For Magical Crafting, the costs to buy are nearly the same as the cost to create yourself unless you use a significant amount of downtime to lower the cost, and that downtime costs you money in Cost of Living. Magical Crafting is generally best used for rare items that cannot be acquired in a market, there isn't a city large enough or a crafter available where you are, or you have a lot of free time.

    For now, Trini has a good selection and can custom create consumables like scrolls and wands. She has spell consumables and items up to item level 2, including scrolls. If you want to purchase a scroll, the costs are on p565 of the core book. Note that you must already know that spell in order to use it on a scroll, so its really meant to be stored spells for you. He can also craft for you a Magic Wand (p597) of a level 1 spell but I suspect the costs there are too high.

    What Downtime Activity does Veerefel want to conduct?

    @SublimeBW For this roll, Ill say that Axebane doesn't think too highly of Kreck and gives him some of the easier, lower paying jobs (Level 1) and Kreck succeeds with a 15 (DC 15). Also for Labor jobs, I would say it should be a strength based roll and not intelligence. I feel your Labor - Lore can be used to negotiate up to higher paying jobs with higher DCs. All things we can do next time. For now, Kreck will earn 2sp each day he does it if he chooses to stay with this job. If not, he can try a different job the next day (meaning he would have to take this job for one day). Since you took a day to deliver the crate to Morta, you have 6 days you can work

    @cola You overhear Kellen Carondil outside the Great Dreamhouse talking with one of the other clerics about needing help in the matter of the Gilded Cage. Lucky brightly steps up and offers to help. He learns that someone stole a Gilded Butterfly cage from the house just this morning and he wants it back. He is willing to offer a Level 2 daily rate for your investigation.

    As this is Downtime and not a side quest, we're going to abstract this exchange significantly. For the first day you would give me a Perception Role. For the next 3 days you would give me a Society Role. For the last day you would give me a Thievery role. Each roll will be judged against the task level DC and you will be paid accordingly.

    As your investigation will take 5 days, you can Befriend a Local for the last two days, one day each person. Go ahead and give me two Diplomacy checks against a DC 20

    @jazzworth Morta remains friendly but ends your conversation quickly with polite excuses. You learn nothing of note from her. As for the loans to businesses, they both decline hoping that the next Call for Heroes brings in a wave of business.

    Delivering the crate to morta was 3 hours. Visiting Winthrop was 2 hours. Visiting Fadalby was 4 hours. At the end, a full day and, presumably, one attempt at Befriend a Local with Morta (Failed). You have 6 days remaining to do Downtime activities. You can give me Diplomacy Rolls for each Befriend a Local activity you want to take.

    @TiberiusLazarus You can talk with Yorlin at Quarter and Bits about Barding. He seems skilled in both metal and leather. He is also willing to accept your offer to help gather hides, though he can only pay the Task Level 3 rate and is still based on success/failure as to how much he will pay for each hide. To make it easier, lets say Kal can trap and skin one animal a day. That Survival check will function as the Subsist check as well. Being a Task Level 3, the DC is 18 owing to the scarcity of game near the city. Give me one Survival Check to see if you find game during the downtime, If you succeed, there is large game in the area to skin and eat. If you fail the DC, you find only small game for small money and not enough food in the area (fatigued and exposed to the elements) . You can elect to abandon the Earn an Income and Subsist activities after the first day and do something else if you want.

  • @sazboom No worries, completely my fault and can say nothing except guilty of doing the thing that erks me as a DM (sorry!).

    As long as Kreck is covering his room & board he is fine with sticking with the job as he has never been a man of wealth and believes in an honest day's work.

    During one of his breaks he would check out the office and look for a brochure. If contains plenty of pictures of product and examples of finished projects he will grab one and make his way to the local post office. He will send the book he was gifted in Etran's Folly and the brochure along a crudely crafted letter explaining that he is excited to be gathering the books and is excited to attend once he paid his tuition (willing to pay up to 5 SP for postage).

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    It is worth noting that Kal, with Earning Income and Subsisting at the same time, is both earning money and not paying Cost of Living if he succeeds his Survival check. That's a significant money advantage over the other players. So if anyone wants to suggest ways to balance this with the party as a whole, I am open to suggestions. I will also think of ways to make this work

  • colacola part legend, part devil... all man Balls deep Icrontian

    @sazboom For perception: Nat 20! Total of 29! First roll with my new dice! Society: 17. Thievery: 27. For the first Befriend a Local: 11. Second Befriend a local: Nat 20! Total of 27. New dice are hot!

    As far as balancing income: Are we going off of a cost of living chart or are we basing this off of the Services Table: https://2e.aonprd.com/Equipment.aspx?Category=2. I believe if we're going off this we should be able to choose our level of space/food needs accordingly. Lucky is a simple folk off the streets, so floor space and square meals if they're available are more than enough for them.

  • @sazboomMake Impression Rolls: 26 - Winthrop, 24 - Fadelby, 7- Crink, 18 - Quentino, 21 - Rorsk, 16 - Narine, 9 - Voz.

    Also, how much was the coat?

  • colacola part legend, part devil... all man Balls deep Icrontian
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    Read the actual chart, Lucky rolled a 15 survival to subsist for the week.

    Edit: Per Discord, instead opting for Cheap living~

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    @jazzworth the coat was commissioned for someone named Alak Stagram from his father, but he never arrived to pick it up. Cost is 3gp 5sp (slightly higher than Fine, being a commissioned piece) and includes tailoring to your frame (Alak is human)

  • Survival check for Kal: 15. Kal is stubborn and will keep at it through the week even though there seems to not be much around with the blighting and all.

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

    @sazboom Veerefel will buy a Heal and Harm scroll, never can have enough of those, he always says.

    For downtime, he'd head over to Morta Valaskin's Mortuary. Hes drawn to it... For reasons. Perhaps she would lIke some assistance preparing the dead, and Veerefel has plans that would favor getting in her good graces, such as having socially acceptable access to dead bodies.

    Id assume V would make an impression when the rest of the group dropped off the reagents, and then ask if she has any tasks available for the week. Any information she shared on the reagents, such as how to get / find more would be awesome.

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Rather, befriend a local instead of Make an Impression.

  • @sazboom Purchasing that super fancy coat!

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    @RyanFodder p565 has the costs. Since Harm and Heal are both Item 1, each scroll would be 4gp.

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Rolled a 17+4 = 21 for diplomacy.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    Befriend a Local results

    Gunnar is friends with:

    • Winthrop of the Crimson Woods Furs
    • Fadelby of Vusker's Carts & Wheels
    • Rorsk of Tuskhead Stonework

    Veerefel is friends with

    • Mora Valaskin of Morta's Mortuary

  • I think it’s easiest for Rehana to just craft something. She'll craft Lesser Quicksilver Mutagen.

  • colacola part legend, part devil... all man Balls deep Icrontian

    Did Lucky make friends? 😋

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Does Morta have any jobs available?

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    @cola The first five days lucky spends tracking down the gilded cage. With the perception roll you see that the resting place of the cage has light white dust near it. You take a sample. You ask around the house if anyone saw anything using your social roll, You learn that no one saw anyone steal the cage or anyone suspicious. you think it happened at night. More talking for a few more days, you ask if anyone knows about this dust. With a 17 you don't learn much useful except that there are two stone masonry shops in town. Using your stealth roll, you have to search both of them. But luckily you are able to do it without being caught. The first, Tuskhead, is a clean operation. You see Kreck working hard hauling stone. The second operation, posandi Bros, is very shady. Sneaking around, you find that the family running the place spend some of their time in a locked room. Picking the lock on the last night, you sneak in and find that the Posandi Family has a secret shrine to Asmodeus. Near the shrine at its base are three holy relics from other gods, a dagger of Iomedae, an arrow of Erastil, and a cage from Desna. Lucky gathers the objects and leaves.

    Lucky returns the items to the Dreamhouse. He learns that it is not normal of for followers of Asmodeus, a lawful evil god, to break the law. Asmodeus worship is not only common in Golarion but also the state religion of Cheliax. It is, however, common for the worship to be secret. Kellen pays you the the level 2 daily rate for 5 days as a critical success.

    As for befriending, you spend the remainder of the two days left. Kellen is polite but distant. Crink is much more open to a friendship.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    @RyanFodder Morta agrees to pay you a level 2 rate to help prepare the bodies. She doesn't teach you her secret formula for embalming, but she does teach you how to use prestidigitation to present the bodies as lifelike after embalming. She offers you 5 days of work. V finds the work both rewarding and soothing to his temperament. Roll an Arcana check to see how well you do at your new job.

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Rolled a 5.

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Subtracted gold for scrolls, and lodging at 2sp per day. Assuming I won't make much with that roll...

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