The Great Icrontic Bake-off!



  • SazbeanSazbean Paladins. Lawful good & violent about it. Chelsea, MI Icrontian

    Strawberry Rhubarb Pie is my entry. It was amazing.

  • ColgereColgere Cincinnati, OH Icrontian

    Out of the oven; passed the toothpick test. Now to wait until it cools down to apply the glaze. :)

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian
    edited June 2020

    Marie made this, i just took a picture.

  • GnomeQueenGnomeQueen The Lulz Queen Mountain Dew Mouth Icrontian


  • MassalinieMassalinie _k's Waifu Texas Icrontian
    edited June 2020

    Mmmm I was wondering if those were cherries. Sounds amazing
    Also drooling over the pie and cheesecakes mmmmm lactose, I miss you.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian

    Babka Beer Bread!

  • MassalinieMassalinie _k's Waifu Texas Icrontian

    My pizza is vegan because cheese upsets the tum tum

    I know it's over but I had to share because I'm really proud of my sourdough pizza crusts. :*

    Also I made a butthole

  • GnomeQueenGnomeQueen The Lulz Queen Mountain Dew Mouth Icrontian

    Well @Massalinie definitely wins for sheer amount of baked goods-- I'm going to her house-- the winner of the random drawing is @MrTRiot . Send me your email and I will send you your giftcard.

  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    omg that bread looks fucking incredible. goddddamnnnnn dude

  • MAGICMAGIC Doot Doot Furniture City, Michigan Icrontian

    Second attempt, much better. Got a much better grasp of kneading, and just the process in general.

    This weeks is definitely my best. Added a little more starter to my dough, proofed in a smaller bowl, all trying to get better rise and shape. Worked out.

    I've split my starter in to three, so I have enough to do some experimental things. Bagels, additions to the bread, etc.

  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    it's perfect. Damn.

  • Mt_GoatMt_Goat Head Cheezy Knob Pflugerville (north of Austin) Icrontian

    This means when you come work on my house you are going to bake some goodies! :crazy:
    You're the perfect house husband.

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