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So we will be doing a 7 day downtime stretch here. I will need two downtime activities. The first is what your character will be doing for themselves to make money, craft an item, etc. The second is what your character will be doing for Roxie Dunn and the Pickle Ear to bring in business.

Character Down Time:
Let me know what you are doing and how.
Time - You have 7 days

Pickle Ear Down Time:
This is a group activity. You have to coordinate your plan. You only have a week, limited space, and limited resources.
Space - one main room and one storeroom downstairs. Roxie will move the food into the other storeroom.
Time - You have 7 days.
Resources - yourselves, commonly acquired items at the store, and anything you think you can find in the woods, Castle, other sites from Plaguestone, etc.


  • For personal downtime I think Tbom will finish the necklace of fireballs. He has exactly 7 days left to finish. Depending on much gold we gained he could pay off a day or 2 to transfer runes for people (Kreck, looking at you).

  • As for the Pickled Ear, Tbom is really excited about the haunted escape room idea. Mainly because he gets to build traps and puzzles for the participants. He would want to set up traps that cause sticks to raise up with tattered clothes on the end, maybe rigging the stick and ropes to make a groaning sound. He's going to want to lean into the junk tinkerer he is and have solutions to the puzzles be mixed in and made of the refuse in the rooms as much as possible.

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    Lets use the stored food goods to make a maze out of the basement storeroom. One of us (Veerefel volunteers) will stay in the escape room to lock a padlock on the door, and put the key on the far side of the room, near Dog. All they have to do is get to the far side of the room, get the key, and go back and unlock the padlock. But they have to do it while Dog and Weft are in the room. I love the idea of the stick / rope "ghosts" to get started, and a real wraith to finish them off...

    Meanwhile, during the day, I propose we go to other big crowd areas and chat with people about the Pickled Ear as a word of mouth advertising campaign. Eating Contest! Drinking Contest! Spooky basement mini-adventure! Enter at your own risk!

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    Kal will spend some time trying to get Roxie and the usual customers more accepting of Dog hanging out on the main floor. For work he'll check out the soup kitchen, Lamond's Lament, across the street from the Ear and see if he can do anything to help out.

    For the Pickled Ear work Kal will be all about trying to get the fight nights going. Hopefully someone else is handling money because that is not on Kai's mind. He'll offer to join in matches and if Dog is allowed upstairs, and willing, he'll offer bear wrestling matches, or for the more adventurous types he can transform in to other animals to show them a good time. After the fights he'll offer medical aid to the fighters, even going so far as to fix injuries not incurred in the fight.

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    Veerefel will spend the downtime not working the Escape room to swap out his "Familiar" sorcery trait and take "reach spell" instead.

  • Gunnar will spend his time selling excess items the party has acquired.

    • 2x Daggers
    • 1x Leather Armor
      For the Pickled Ear:
      Gunnar knows he's better suited with the people. He'll spend the first day of downtime getting to know the entire staff of The Pickled Ear. Marketing the events that happen there will bring in big bursts of customers, but marketing the business's people will build brand loyalty (probably something Abadar teaches? Idk...). He'll spend the rest of the downtime on a campaign through the city talking up the establishment, the events, the food, and the staff. He'll start this campaign (2 Days) by staying around places he's already welcome and try to other customers for a friendly chat, and then tactfully seguing the conversation towards his pitch. The final 4 days, Gunnar will frequent open markets and other public spaces with an open and attentive ear. His overall approach is to be a friend who offers suggestions and not a salesman.

    • "There's a budding new chef there at the Pickled Ear. His mutton stew will rejuvenate your soul!"

    • "Best service over there at the Pickled Ear! Always so attentive and never afraid to start a conversation with you. And on the days where I just want to be left alone, they do! Roxie just has this keen sense of intuition."
    • "They've got some great new things happening at the Pickled Ear. The haunted escape room gave me such a fright! I'm sure someone as brave and as intelligent as you could surely manage!"
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    Shayna will facilitate a "Drink with adventurers" social and challenge.
    As for downtime activities, she'd like to see if the not-shady stone masons need assistance with any construction projects. Likely using her crafting skill to work as a foreman-type role if possible.

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