Come Celebrate the Day of the Dead with us!

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What: Celebration the lives of loved ones we have lost. It has been a long standing tradition to toast to Spencer at ICOK and now with Kyle missing from our community, we decided it is time to make an event to celebrate our loves lost. In the future we hope to attach this event to ICOK, but in lieu of COVID this year, we shall make an online event out of it! Kudos to @Linc for the idea to make this celebration happen.

When: Saturday October 31st - Sunday November 1st

Scheduling: (TENTATIVE) will add any updates ASAP

  • 7pm central Saturday night, opening with altar in the pub with candles, stream will run all weekend for us to visit from our homes!
  • 8pm central Immediately after, viewing of Coco
  • 7pm central Sunday evening: porch gathering for sharing of stories, and general visiting

Creation of the Icrontic Altar:

  • It is customary to celebrate Dia de los Muertos with an altar created with photos of our loved ones filled with treats, flowers and water. The altar is not a worshipping place, but rather a place meant to welcome the spirits back to the realm of the living and give them nourishment after their long journey back to us. Incense is often burned and marigolds are frequently the main flower used to decorate.
  • Each entered photo will be placed in a frame on altar created in the pub of ICHQ.
  • Linc is going to be streaming the altar live for the weekend of the event. He has ordered flowers and has candles that are going to burn for the duration of the event.

How you can participate:

  • Please send me ( or Humerusmeg discord) a 4 x 6 photo of a loved one you would like featured on the altar.
  • Please also send a small blurb on your loved one, we hope to create a website that also features all photos and information so we can celebrate everyone's spirits during this!

Mark your calendars, (I have updated IC calendar with events). Looking forward to celebrating with you all <3

Please send me submissions NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 26th to ensure involvement on altar creation.

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