ICOK Wine Tasting: Who Want's to Drink Some Port!?

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Hi all,
So I have several bottles of port that have been aging cough cough pandemic... and I think we should get together and drink them.

  • Linc has graciously allowed me Friday night for tasting during ICOK, October 29th. So after we light the offrenda, we can drink some wine and have some eats.

For those of you that have not had Port before, Port tends to be on the sweeter/dessert side and have an increased alcohol content. The bottles I have purchased are across the spectrum from white to aged tawny style. Oldest bottle in the tasting will be 41.5 years old, so we have an exciting time ahead of us. As the alcohol content of this is high, and I think we will have a decent turn out for ICOK, I am opening 24 spots for the taking.

  • Cost will be: $35-40/seat depending on participation numbers
  • 8 ports 1 oz each + many snacks
  • Will for right now be just taking a first come, first serve list to be posted here. Will take payment closer to the event. Don't want to jinx it now with COVID. Please message me on discord and I'll put your name here to secure your spot. Will also take a few backup spots in case we have people that drop out.

<3 Can't wait to see you all
Tasting Seats:



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