Introducing: Nitro Porter, a data portability tool for communities

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A week ago I created Nitro Porter, a new (old) tool for migrating communities between platforms. It's basically a data portability project that lets you move from 30 different forum platforms into a common format for importing elsewhere.

Today, I wrote about my first week working on it and started a website for it.

If you've been around a long time, you remember our epic migration project of a decade ago. That's where the earliest versions of this project came from, so it's super nostalgic to be getting back into it.



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    For the lulz and posterity:

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    Think I decided the next piece of what looks like post-Vanilla. Realized I was overlooking Flarum as an option for baseline forum functionality due to its single-page app frontend (I cannot stand SPAs), but... I can just throw that away when I'm ready, and it'll still probably save me years of dev time. And the SPA is still probably nicer than the existing Vanilla theme in the meantime so whatever.

    Joined the Flarum Discord today. I think Nitro Porter's next export feature is decided: Get thee a Flarum export!

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    I summarized what I've done on this for the past month if you wanna read some nerd stuff.

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