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Please help. I have a Toshiba 1415-s115. I am trying to reinstall everything from scratch. When I put the recovery disk in, I get an error that says "This recovery and application CD is not configured to work with this machine(portable pc) this cd is for: Satelite 1415 Please use the correct Recovery and applications cd." Well, I am using the correct cd with the correct computer. Can someone please, please help?


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    Well, let's start with this:

    Welcome to short-media.

    Okay, I'm going to ask you this, and please don't get offended, I just need this information before someone can help you: Was the laptop obtained legitimately? Because the first thought I had when I read your post was "misbadged stolen laptop".
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    Or grey market intended for another country but sold with the US recovery disk.

    On the other hand I have a T.S. also, and I tried to run recovery once. We had to do a full install from scratch. Now I don't even update drivers.
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    Yeah, I bought the laptop from Costco Last year. Tech support says my warranty expired last month. They say that I need to bring my computer in to a service center. That will cost money and dont want to do that. Could this be a bios setting?
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    I doubt it.. It's probably just a piece of crap recovery disk.
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    Assuming he doesn't have valuable data on the hard drive, is there any reason we couldn't just have him format the hard drive and start from scratch with Win2K or XP? (My travel computer is a Gateway laptop - very nice machine, actually. It belongs to the Army; if it were mine, I'd 0-0-0-0-0 the hard drive and start from scratch. I already turned off as much of the Gateway bullspit as I can.)

    Whaddaya say, Ray? Important stuff on the hard drive?
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    Nothing important on the hard drive. Don't I need the drivers from the recovery disk to make the system work properly? I do have a seperate copy of windows xp> Is there any way to fool the computer into thinking I have the right disks? (Even though I do?)
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    Before you wipe the drive go into Device Manager and write down exactly what everything is hardware-wise. Then download all the appropriate drivers from Toshiba's website. If you look up your model number at Toshiba's site they will likely have them all together.

    Edit: Found 'em!

    Burn them to a CD or copy them to another computer and you are good to go. :cheers:
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    I have the same problem!! I made a call to tech support and they said the same thing to me. The only good news is I live only 20 miles from a service center.

    I have the 1415 also. I got mine at Circuit City.

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    hi there

    I lost the recovery cd of my toshiba satellite S140E-503. I instead used another cd of a previous toshiba laptop and, after this, reinstalled windows xp pro but now i can t install microsoft word (it says that the installation tool is destroyed) and cannot have internet access either.

    could anyone be of any help? do i have to find the proper recovery cd and then reinstall everything or the damage is permanent?

    thanks a lot !!
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    konsir wrote:
    ...I lost the recovery cd of my toshiba satellite S140E-503..
    If you can help konsir, head over here and give him a hand. :)
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    Had the same problem restoring some Toshiba 3500s and M200s.

    Are you using the internal CD Rom to reload? Do you have a supported (by toshiba) External to try? That has worked for me in the past where it will read the CD and get me to the point of starting the restore only to then crap out using a non supported External CD Rom. Mind you I am referring to a tablet PC that has no internal optical drive, but if you have an external to give it a shot.
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    have the same problem and now it is worse, go to Toshiba site and it will show you that you have to download to fix the problem.
    I took my 1415 to Circut City, they could not fix and lost disk one to recovery set. Morons... now I am in search of a copy of disk one...

    The toshiba site does have the fix for is simple, just download the fix and restart and recover..

    know of a copy of disk one to series 1415 I could use it...
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