ICX/SMX Project Output, by machine.

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Here is a breakdown of all the individual Team rig's output and if inactive, the date they last turned in work.

Icrontic1 - 353.03 pts/week, 7582.29 points total
Icrontic2 - 270.35 pts/week, 9442.81 points total
Icrontic3 - 54.59 pts/week, 5302.60 points total
Icrontic4 - 401.05 pts/week, 8440.92 points total
Icrontic5 - 29.39 pts/week, 3237.07 points total
Icrontic6 - 308.12 pts/week, 5145.40 points total
Icrontic7 - 112.07 pts/week, 6344.22 points total
Icrontic8 - 29.39 pts/week, 5208.69 points total
Icrontic9 - 249.34 pts/week, 4969.13 points total
Icrontic10 - 0.00 pts/week, 3547.58 points total, no date listed at Stanford on last WU received
Icrontic11 - 406.31 pts/week, 8682.96 points total
Icrontic12 - 0.00 pts/week, 1964.64 points total, last WU turned in on 6/18/03
IC13_BartWilliams - 227.75 pts/week, 3867.81 points total
Icrontic14 - 160.50 pts/week, 2711.42 points total
SM15_Folding_Frog - 0.00 pts/week, 636.79 points total, no date listed at Stanford on last WU turned in.
IC16-UK - 226.74 pts/week, 2857.37 points total
SM17 - 182.39 pts/week, 290.27 points total

OK, Septimus, Trekky8472 and hotrodsun have gotten their Team rigs back on line, but Film and reelbigfish as well as Shenlong don't have any points up yet. Shenlong is at boot camp last I've heard, so I guess it won't be back up until he returns. Hopefully when he gets out of boot camp he will be able to keep this Team rig running; if he can't reliably keep it folding for the cause then I will ask that he send it to a fellow team mate that will have the time to keep it folding.

Film has told mmonnin that the psu is dead on IC12 and he is short of funds right now; do we have an extra psu we can send him, mm?

reelbigfish, what is going on with SM15_Folding_Frog? You posted that you would check it out 36 hours ago and haven't given an update on what is happening with that rig. Is it down or what?:confused2 It took forever to get that rig up and running, what with all the problems getting parts to you and the forum wipeout and all. We need to get her putting points on the board.:)

Also, thanks to all of you ICX/SMX hosts for your dedication to the cause to keep these Team machines folding. The success of this project rests squarely on you guy's shoulders and for the most part, this Team Rig project has been extremely successful. Keep up the great folding action!:thumbsup:

mmonnin, I'm sure you have a breakdown of all the hosts and rigs. Could you put up a thread sticky with all the hosts listed with the machines they are hosting until we get our website back up?


  • KwitkoKwitko Sheriff of Banning (Retired) By the thing near the stuff Icrontian
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    We have one of the PSUs that Mortin sent me, unless it's already earmarked for another machine I can get it out to Film tomorrow.
  • reelbigfishreelbigfish Boston, MA Member
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    I'm still working on whats wrong. It says it turned in a unit. I'm waiting for the next unit to finish to see if it actually sends.
  • qparadoxqparadox Vancouver, BC
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    182 points seems really low for SM17, I'll check out if anything is wrong this weekend, but its been running solid on -forceasm -advmethods since I first booted it.
  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
    edited July 2003
    I miss the folding rigs page we used to have at teamicronic.com. I had to sit and think about what was in IC11 the other day since I couldn't just check the page :)
  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
    edited July 2003
    Ok TD you can send him a PSU. I dont know of any others.

    I have a table here on everything through 16, I need to add 17.

    Anyone know how to take html tables and post them in the forums?
  • t1rhinot1rhino Toronto
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    Where's my calculator...
    Wow, the ICx/SMx machines are folding about 2400 points a week. :)
  • LincLinc Owner Detroit Icrontian
    edited July 2003

    That's up to IC 14, which is all the info I have. I put a link under the website section of the "Everything" thread.
  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
    edited July 2003
    OK that works too.
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