does console count as 1 machine and graphical as another?

DanGDanG I AM CANADIAN Icrontian
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I'm running one console and one graphical client on my hyperthreading machine at home and was wondering if that counts as 2 active processors, or just one?


  • a2jfreaka2jfreak Houston, TX Member
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    Think it counts as two.

    I know that when I used to run 2 console clients (one set as #1 and one set as #2) from the same single processor box it counted as two CPUs.

    If the graphical client is set to #1 and the console set to #1, then maybe it only counts as 1 CPU. csimon or mmonnin probably know for sure.
  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
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    Each client registers as an active CPU. So 2 then should show up on stanford's site. GUI is 1 and console should be 2. GUI is default 1 and cannot be changed so console has to be 2.
  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Geeky, in my own way Naples, FL Icrontian
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    Perfect response. Do not try for three or more unless you want a folding only box on a box with a CPU that is single processor and is not an Opteron board 244 or up board or or a 2.533 GHz P4 or greater. In Linux 2 consoles run if I wanted a box that was slower visibly (about 2\3 speed for other things) on a P4 of about 2.2 GHz speed(2.26 gives a 70% other things performance) versus no folding under these circumstances, and Folding works well with Linux Mandrake 9.1 if you use the 3.24 Linux B console). All boxes I know of like this that run 3 in XP are extremely well configured-- some are Dell 2.4 P4 and up boxes. RAM on all was above 512 MB.

    Folding will happily take all the CPU you give it with more than 2 consoles and a speed of less than about 1.4 GHZ true will give you a box that does not perform at business acceptable rates with two folding instances running and is at least 40% slower for other things running as applications that need high video. For home use, expect a 30-40% (very visible) minimum gaming speed hit with 2 foldings running while you game if you have less than a 2.4 GHz CPU.

    (Back to work, check back tonight, need to inventory about 200 cables and establish inventory on new accounting software today-- I do not sell cables to end users not in Charlotte County Florida.)

  • DanGDanG I AM CANADIAN Icrontian
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    ok, that clears it up then. I have 2 instances running, one console, one gui and they are using 50% of the cpu, so I'm running full load and folding away.

    thanks for the info guys
  • Omega65Omega65 Philadelphia, Pa
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    run fah3console -config (advanced options Y ) and make sure the console version is set to Machine 2

    the Graphical version auto sets to #1
  • LeonardoLeonardo Wake up and smell the glaciers Eagle River, Alaska Icrontian
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    Hmm, should I be running two instances in my AMD box and three in my hyperthreading Intel box? I've got two running in the Intel box now.
  • csimoncsimon Acadiana Icrontian
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    no two hyperthreading.
  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
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    HT needs 2 to use all 100% of the CPU. 1 on the AMD should do it.
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