CD -> Ogg Vorbis

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I'm looking for at program that can rip a CD to the Ogg Vorbis format.

I don't mind getting the best one out there ;)


  • dydxdydx Cymru, UK
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    JukeBox Tools v3.0 is pretty good and that supports Ogg Vorbis.

    There are probably better encoders out there though.
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    CDex is the best CD ripping program out there imo. It is also free.

    It comes with the vorbis ogg encoder so you can rip cds to ogg, although I would higly recommend using Lame 3.92 with the --alt-standard preset, since that's the best music quality you will ever get. But it's your choice.
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
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    EAC (Exact Audio Copy) - For those Anal about their audio.

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