Shutdown Problem

PyobliEPyobliE UK
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Hi Guys,
Everytime I try to shutdown, or restart my PC, I get the following:

Not really a big problem, just a bit frustrating as it wont shtdown till i hit the 'end now' box.



  • dydxdydx Cymru, UK
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    Can everyone please use GIF compression for screenshots? BMP are a pain in the arse cos they have to open in MS paint.

    Theyre also take longer to download. Think of the poor saps on 56k.

  • PyobliEPyobliE UK
    edited June 2003

    Sorry, hope this helps!
  • drowddrowd Texas
    edited June 2003
    i am actually experiencing a similar problem at werk. our corporate email uses MS Outlook, and everytime we shutdown or log off or restart, we get that same "end now" message but with outlook.exe. these may be two wholly different problems, but i would still be interested to know what the cause of either of these problems is . . .
  • PyobliEPyobliE UK
    edited June 2003
    On mine, the file that it referrs to DebogLog.log is a text file with loads of code in it. I have tried deleting it, but that hasnt fixed it. Anyone know what file uses / makes this file?

    I am using Outlook Express, if thats the cause?
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
    edited June 2003
    Try closing a program called MDM before logging off, then see if it still does it when you log off (MDM is Memory Debug Manager, its also unneeded).

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