Battlefeild 1942 Movies

Rot-KatzeRot-Katze Pensacola, Florida
edited July 2003 in Gaming

Hey Guys..I made three short Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat movies!

56K beware!

Hope you enjoy, I did it all mself (Flew, Filmed, and edited)

the page that comes up is not the one you want..the one you want is in the form of a pop up a few seconds later!

also, I only have this webspace for 5 more days, so watch while you can :)


  • T-BirDT-BirD Montgomery, AL
    edited June 2003
    page doesn't work for me. pops up a single line of text at bottom left, flashes a white box above on 2 of the 3 pages, then shows a single line of text in top right, and that's it.
  • Rot-KatzeRot-Katze Pensacola, Florida
    edited June 2003
    ok, this is what you should see in the pop up window:

    Black Screen with a advertisment across the top, at the bottom is a green bvar with the movies listed...then the little window should flash white once..then it starts to load...

    and depending on your internet connection it could take a few minutes, even with a high speed connection it takes a bit

    so, either it only works for me and a fewof my friends, or your not giving it enough time to finish loading...

    it's pretty cool, and not bad for my first three movies ever! I'd like you all to see them!
  • dydxdydx Cymru, UK
    edited June 2003
    Work fine here.

    Last one is pretty kewl.

  • N0X1TYN0X1TY Kansas City, MO
    edited June 2003
    Very nice work! :cool:
    I thought the music was a perfect fit for each of the videos, especially the flying one
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
    edited June 2003
    Rofl, try doing some of that on flashpoint! lol.

  • Rot-KatzeRot-Katze Pensacola, Florida
    edited June 2003

    the one with the F16 where I hit the ground a bit was my first time ever attempting that stunt...the second time I busted my ass in some lake :(

    That was my first time trying it in the A10, and it was by far the easiest..then I did it twice in the SU25 (ugly brown plane) and it worked out ok...

    have yet to try the harrier or the Mig 29 :/ next step is the Apache though :cool:

    BTW did you notice the Iraqi glag on the last plane?
  • Captain-Bort-BortsonCaptain-Bort-Bortson New Orleans, LA Member
    edited July 2003
    Heh I always love video game movies. Ill check yours out asap.
  • Rot-KatzeRot-Katze Pensacola, Florida
    edited July 2003
    the account has run out :(

    I'll make a new one soon, with some updated movies

    I'll post here when it's done
  • edited July 2003
    Hey rot, AIM me at IonFizzle, we've gotta play BF1942 sometime. I'm DLing DesCombat right now.
  • Rot-KatzeRot-Katze Pensacola, Florida
    edited July 2003
    do you have a mic for your computer?

    if so, get teamspeak or roger wilco and we can do a voice chat and play

    I'll message you when I'm playing
  • Gun5Gun5 Waco, Texas (Bling-Bling)
    edited July 2003
    I just got a buncha ads :p
  • Rot-KatzeRot-Katze Pensacola, Florida
    edited July 2003
    yeah it was because the week trial was over...
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