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Calling all bearded men of Icrontic



  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Watch Slut, Mumble Hivemind Drone Austin, TX Icrontian

    I'm most worried about the survival of my external occipital crest and the inferior nucchal line. That's always a tough spot for me to shave. :(

  • BlueTattooBlueTattoo Boatbuilder Houston, TX Icrontian

    @Signal said:
    The problem I ran into is where the back of the head meets the top of the head and the corners.


  • UPSKingpinUPSKingpin Sir Elkhart, IN Icrontian
  • BuddyJBuddyJ Dept. of Propaganda OKC Icrontian

    Shaving friends! Have you ever wanted to give a slant bar a shot but didn't feel like dropping another $50? Then I bring you good news.


    I just picked this up and have been giving it a go every few days to trim my neckline. I don't like lightweight razors as a matter of preference so getting this was a risk but then I found out the Bakelite head will mount to any Merkur 3-piece razor handle. So off went the head of my trusty Merkur 23C and on went a red bakelite slant loaded with a fresh Feather blade. Even with poor lather this sucker cuts smooth.

    I recommend it for somebody looking to add cutting power without necessarily increasing blade exposure, or anyone looking to add another cheap razor to their stable.

  • BlueTattooBlueTattoo Boatbuilder Houston, TX Icrontian

    Ah, yes. I remember this one. Looks like the one I started with. Seems like I bled a lot back then. I still have one like it thats probably 50 years old, but I don't think I'd recommend it. Or use it.

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