Want cheap motherboard for multi-GPU Folding

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So I am planning up upgrading my aging socket 754 Athlon 3000+ (full specs in my sig). I am trying to find a cheap SLi board that I can eventually run two nVidia cards on for folding. I'm trying to keep the price down so I am looking in the $100-$150. I have an E8400, some G.Skill ram, and Antec 1200 for my main rig to use and I will use my Lian-Li PC75B for the sever, a WD drive, and a 9600GSO picked out already. The mobo is the only part I don't know to much about seeing that is an nVidia chipset. So any suggestions would be welcome.


  • LeonardoLeonardo Wake up and smell the glaciers Eagle River, Alaska
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    For multi-video card GPU Folding you don't need SLI or Crossfire capability, just multiple PCI-e video card slots. When you run multi-GPUs for multi-client GPU Folding, you do not engage SLI or crossfire. Each GPU will run independantly.
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    ^ All the more reason why we need a real folding guide.
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