9800GX2 is back, Newegg, eVGA & BFG!

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Newegg has the EVGA 9800GX2 in stock again. $219! Hey guys, that 9800GX2 is awesome Folding power, second only to the $500 GTX 295. Powerful? Yeah, think of 10,000 PPD average -even higher if you overlcock the shaders (so easy) and get the right work units. Two of these monsters in a system with a quad core CPU can comprise a system that spits out up to 25,000 PPD, on a motherboard with only two PCI-e video card slots. I am not making this up! Check out No. 4 in my signature.

BTW, that $219 price is about the same as lowest prices you find in trading forums....when you can actually find the 9800GX2 for sale used.


  • the Newegg offerings, I'm pretty sure are eVGA factory recertified cards, most like cards traded in on the Step-up program
  • 90 day labor and parts warranty only
  • you need a well organized, well ventilated case for these cards. I would not recommend them for neophytes to computer building unless you are good with managing airflow
  • the GX2 will perform Folding on par with two 9800/8800GTs working simultaneous, but will draw about 15% less power.
  • You need at least a 600W power supply to run an overclocked CPU plus a GX2 at full load. You can get by (barely) with a 550W, if it's very high quality, like a Corsair 550 VX, but be prepared for high PSU cooling fan speeds
  • The GX2 requires to PCI-e power plugs, a 6-pin and an 8-pin. You can get adaptors for fairly inexpensive.
If you don't have problems with those facts, seriously consider getting one of these 9800GX2s. It won't surprise me if they sell out very fast.

I run several of the 9800GX2s (and have another one coming in from a trade) for Folding@Home. If you have any questions about them and Folding, just post here.


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    Leo, the recertified EVGA 9800GX2 I got off newegg came with the 6pin and 8pin extenders also. In fact it was pretty much a full retail box, cables and all.
  • LeonardoLeonardo Wake up and smell the glaciers Eagle River, Alaska
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    Outstanding. If I hadn't just gone through a rash of upgrades, I'd be ordering a couple of these GX2s right now. Those are really good prices. *There are retailers out there with new GX2s still in stock that are asking for anywhere from $375 - $600. I'll need to sell a couple 88/9800s before I get yet another GX2...but I will. :D

    I don't think all orders get the accessories.

    *What's wrong with a retailer when they still have stock in a hot item that was discontinued a while back? Maybe there's a reason they still have stock.
  • LeonardoLeonardo Wake up and smell the glaciers Eagle River, Alaska
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    BFG is back now too!

    Retail, one-year manufacturer warranty.
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