Quad Core or X800XL?

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I want to start folding again with the new computer but I am unsure if I should fold on my GPU or CPU. I have a Phenom II X4 920 and a Radeon X800XL running on Windows 7 if it matters. Does the client now run multithreaded or will I need 4 separate F@H programs running?


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    Easy answers. There is a CPU client that is designed for multi-core CPUs. It's the SMP client. You won't be able to fold with the X800XL. I believe the lowest powered ATI GPU that is supported by the GPU Folding client is the X1900.

    I'm glad that you are in a position to jump back in the team. That means things continue to improve you. It also means Team 93 benefits. The classic win-win.
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    Looking at the FAQ I am unsure what the difference between these two are? Or can I just friggin download the SMP client somewhere so I don't have to read a book on what to do. I just wanna get folding now figure crap out later lol.
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    I would go with MPICH. There are fewer complaints with it and it's easier to install.

    With either of them though, you can't just click on .exe and expect it to go. With XP, you will need .net installed. Also, the account under which SMP Folding runs must be an account which requires a login to start. You can set Windows to log in to your account automatically on startup. If you don't want to be bothered, yes, you can install four uniprocessor clients, one each for four CPU cores. The SMP client will give you much more points, though.

    If you are running in Vista, the account must have administrator privileges. Either XP or Vista, ensure you...

    Oh, you want to run in Windows 7. Use the Vista instructions in the configuration guide.
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