Frequent VPU recover error when running GPU2

revorocksrevorocks England, East Sussex, Hove Member
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When running GPU2 I often find that my display stops responding, then my mouse wont move, then the screen flashed blue or orange and loads the screen back up again, accompanied by a VPU recover message from CCC.

I only get this error when running GPU2 and it is generally quite random. Sometimes I can fold for a minute, then encounter the error. Other times I can fold all night with no problem. I am currently running Catalyst 9.3 and the latest GPU2 client. I also cannot run the display/viewer on GPU2 because it will then immediately encounter the error.

Here is a screen shot of what comes up.


Help would be greatly appreciated :)


  • SnarkasmSnarkasm Madison, WI Icrontian
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    Well, nobody ever uses the graphics viewer, because it's never not been broken, heh. :)

    Beyond that, how are the card temps when folding? It's really one of three things; a bad client, a bad WU, or overheating, most likely.
  • revorocksrevorocks England, East Sussex, Hove Member
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    Nope temps are fine.

    Im running a ATI 4850 in an Antec 1200 and the max it gets to is 75C.
  • revorocksrevorocks England, East Sussex, Hove Member
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    Right, now it wont even start folding. I just installed the CCC 9.6 drivers and it just says the client has encountered a serious error and will now close. Ahh help!
  • LeonardoLeonardo Wake up and smell the glaciers Eagle River, Alaska Icrontian
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    Check out the ATI GPU threads at I'd help you out if I were knowledgeable. My GPU2 Folding experience is limited to Nvidia.

    I hope you can get more personable assistance here at Icrontic, but check out Foldingforum. If you find a solution, would you please be so kind as to post it here. :)
  • revorocksrevorocks England, East Sussex, Hove Member
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    Fixed! :)

    First I uninstalled the GPU2 client. Then I deleted everything in the FAH GPU2 folder in Application data. Then reinstalled the client. Ran it, it now works fine. I will let you know if I encounter the VPU recover error again.

    If I do, I will be giving a try.
  • makoa26makoa26 Las Vegas
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    Are you running any other clients besides GPU2? I'm always in the quest to squeeze a little more PPD out of my rig, so I often experiment. When I heard that notfreds/vmware would give you more PPD than Windows SMP, I jumped right on it. I quickly discovered that I was getting EUE's and my average plummeted (which will happen if you like to experiment). I'm not too sure what the issue was there, but I'm back to win SMP. Another aspect may be environment variables. Have you set yours up? It may take some trial and error to get it right, but it's worth the effort. I run a 4870 and a 4670 in the same box. Essentially, their optimum environment varibles are probably quite different so it was quite a challenge to find a setting that would push the 4870 while not giving the 4670 an EUE. A goldmine of ATI folding knowledge can be the click of a link.
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