Get Starcraft working on Windows 7: Three easy steps



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    dude seriously hands down best solution ever thank god i tried this one first...weird though aint it
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    AWESOME!!! Thanks, Helped A Lot!!
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    Holy shit, it worked.
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    Thank you I'm in Thailand I want you happy thank a lot ^ ^ I love Starcraft I even I have Starcraft II now but first series is classic thank
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    Thank you!
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    I loaded SC on my 64bit machine and it seemed to work fine and then it would go psychedelic on me. I tried the (leave res. open ) trick and didn't work right. If I jumped to the "desktop" and then back it would fix it temporarily. I then realized that every time a picture would cycle on my screen-saver, SC video corrupted.
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    I got it working by simply right-clicking "Troubleshoot Compatibility" and letting Windows sort out the problems. Now I can run it without a problem (no need to open the screen resolution window!)
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    Thank you very much. Worked like a charm. Starcraft on XP is unstable and crashes regularly (tried 3 different PC and a laptop) even patching to latest. Broodwar won't even run. Now I can play again. I really appreciate your post.
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    The only method that has reliably worked for me is creating the Batch file. But even then, I'm having one (non-graphics related) issue.

    Namely, my system freezes completely if I try to play more than one lengthy mission in a sitting. And by 'sitting', I don't mean I can exit the game, and then resume. I mean I have to restart the computer entirely to have any hope of playing more than one lengthy mission (particularly the later missions for each race).

    Is this due to using the Batch file method, or is it something else? I don't know where to get the 'ddraw.dll' file, as I don't own Fallout 1.
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    SUCCESS!! Thanks quite a bunch! Not only did it work on sc1 but also had that weard color problem with some other old game and it did fix it! WAHOO!
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    THanks for the tips, it worked on my compy perfectly :D, and I'm enjoying the game right as we speak.
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    When I go to SC's properties screen, it doesn't have a "compatibility" tab.
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    hell man thanks for the tip worked perfectly
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    THANK YOU Jorg, I had problems with StarCraft on Windows 8 slow play and no audio. Followed your link and was able to modify the registry to make game play great again. Tried the batch files listed here, but lost the audio. Your link explained how to modify the 32 and 64 bit issues. Thank you very much!
  • simple solution:
    under nvidia control panel:
    >adjust dekstop size and position:
    2. apply the following settings
    *aspect ratio

    perform scaling on instead of
    when prompted select yes to effect changes

    this will allow the windows 7 (and nvidia graphics) user to run starcraft and diablo 2 in their native resolutions.
  • simple solution:
    under nvidia control panel:
    adjust dekstop size and position:
    2. apply the following settings
    aspect ratio

    perform scaling on gpu instead of display.
    when prompted select yes to effect changes.

    this will allow the windows 7 (and nvidia graphics) user to run starcraft and diablo 2 in their native resolutions.
  • Hey all,

    The easiest way for me to get starcraft going properly was to just create a batch file which kills explorer when starcraft starts.

    Or if you cant be bother..
    1. start starcraft
    2. minimize starcraft
    3. open up task manager
    4. kill the explorer.exe process
    5. switch back to starcraft using task manager and it should be working perfectly.
    * When you are finished playing just go into task manager and click (new task) then just type in "explorer.exe) to get windows back to normal.

    To create a batch file, create a new txt file in starcraft directory.. cut and paste the following

    TASKKILL /F /IM "explorer.exe"
    cd C:\"Program Files"\Games\Starcraft
    start /w C:\"Program Files"\Games\Starcraft\Starcraft.exe
    start C:\Windows\explorer.exe

    then rename the file starcraft.bat and open this to run starcraft. You can also create a shortcut to this file and put it on your desktop.

    *Note the only compatibility settings I have check in my starcraft exe is "run as administrator" nothing else. And Im running Win7 32bit, Nividia 8600mgt.
  • the explorer.exe kill is the only thing that worked for me, plus it has to be off until i m done playing with the game otherwise it messes up colors if i start it back up.
  • Thanks for this, all the graphics are working fine now. Was wondering if anyone could help me though. i've installed using .iso files and patches and installed a no CD loader and can get onto the campaign section where you select which race to be. No matter which one I click nothing happens, any ideas?
  • sorry ignore that ^ all sorted, thanks again.
  • It works perfect with win 7 64bits
  • FYI -

    I was able to register my old "Battle Chest" copy of Starcraft/Brood War to the new, which gave me access to the most recent build of the game (the "Starcraft Anthology" build) and I'm able to run the game from that without any fix needed.
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    Thanks for the update.
  • Thank you so very much!!!
  • Thanks man... I got Windows 7 Ultimate Edition SP1 and it works just fine. I did follow the instructions above.
    I got this problem since when I upgrade my OS Vista to Win7... so now I'm back playing the original Broodwars!!!
  • Hmmm... all the geeks and nerds in the world who play games and not one ever consider making a continually update-able "Games Console" within a PC environment? which would ofcourse hold all the necessary finagles and wrangles to allow old games to run without hacks, mods and hours of net trawling...

    the only thing that comes close to that are single purpose emulators... my Sega emulator for pc works amazingly well even on win 7 64 bit... so why is it so hard to do the same for pc games? surely the emulator holds the necessary wrangles to allow the software to work? by creating a completely cut-off game environment lol
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