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    Hurr durr, derp. Derp derp herp, der der derp.

    I think that's what he meant. :p
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    kryyst wrote:

    You there - you know the new guy. You are the most important person in the universe you are going to do this mission for us. No shut-up you don't get a say in it, no we don't care if you are as pure as the fallen snow or rotten to the core, yeah you can be mean but ultimately you'll still do good things. Yes, fine cross your fingers behind your back and screw us in the end if you must. Blah, blah, blah random meaningless dialogue, fast forward to the action part, fight, shoot, fight, blah, blah BIG FIGHT, fast forward back to playing the universes whipping boy, blah, blah blah, fight etc...etc...etc...

    Hi. This is hilarious because it's 100% true. My brain is telling me the same thing but ... I dont care!!! I'm on my 2nd playthrough. Even though the template is always the same in B/W games, it never minimzes the fun factor. I played Dragon Age until my PC was like 'wtf - AGAIN?' and I'm probably gonna do the same with ME2.
    Funny thing is, if we (I) know the formula will be the same, is it the presentation that makes it so much fun to play (and replay and replay again)?
    Even when they totally remove inventory (from an rpg, wth?) and other features we come to know with RPGs, they seem to replace it with something else (in this instance, the paragon QTEs) that make you forget about the old way of playing keeps you looking forward to the next convo and what you might be able to do.
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    Haha. I play it a bit whenever I go to my friend's house. I don't have an xbox so I have to use hers. xD But yeah. It is pretty epic. I like it. :3 Excellent storyline. Joker's my favorite character actually. Besides the guy who's name I always forget...which is a shame. Cause he's the coolest...
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    I'm 13 hours into ME2 MY GOD it is much better than ME1, my bias made me almost never touch it until i found on sale and grabbed it just for kicks, 8 hours later i realize that it is 2 AM and i've been loving every moment of it.

    Total improvement of the weapons/inventory system and in general the game play is better and the cover system is better. I believe they addressed all of the issues with ME1 that made me cringe and never finish ME1, still can't bring myself to finish it.
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    this game is the 14th highest rating game of all time thats higher than any other game on ps3 including uncharted 2 is have beaten this game over 8 times and cant get enough its definitely the best game on any modern console and the best game ive ever played thumbs up if you agree with me that this will be the best game until mass effect 3 comes out then that'll be the best
  • highchronicleshighchronicles Toronto, On Canada
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    I thought that just mentioning mass effect 3 in loading screens was a bit of a spoiler, i haven't beaten the game yet but if saren from ME1 walks out and joins your team at the end i swear i'm going to go to bioware and kick someone's arse.
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    lol ^

    Thumbs up that ME2 is a fantastic game. I played it on PC, though, as I will for 3.
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    Just beat it. I feel good about it, and in only 26 hours! now time for some DLC.

    Totally looking forward to ME3

    ten bucks says they make a movie from this franchise by 2015! (it is totally possible and could be awesome) edit, looked it up on IMDB seems like Mathew Fox is already cast as Shepperd
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