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Hello fellow Icrontics!

I'm a newbie web page designer, and I need help for this class I'm taking at Macomb. I'm already familiar with HTML layouts, but I am using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. So far, I'm doing pretty well, but I'm stuck in a few places.

1st question:

How do I make a drop down menu? I'm talking about a single drop down menu where you can select each item to go a different page. For example, my portfolio website has "Work" on it's navigation bar. I would like to be able to have my mouse scroll over it and have a menu pop down that has my work in different categories, like "Photoshop" and "Illustrator" and "Traditional" that you can click on each one and it takes you to that page. I've already looked online, tried a couple of them, and nothing has worked.

2nd question:
How do you get a certain picture/text to change due to scrolling over one part of the text? I know how to get a picture/text to change when you scroll over it, but what about other parts of the page? For example, I have a part on my home page where it's all in English, but on this one part where it says, "I understand Spanish," I would like that whole part to change to Spanish.

Thanks in advance!


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    What you're looking for is all JavaScript stuff.

    For the first, you'll want a JS event handler that detects a mouseover (onMouseOver) event, and triggers a script that builds the menu, each item having an onClick handler that will take care of the page changes.

    For the second, are you saying that there's a part in English with a link-type option that says "I Understand Spanish", and you want them to be able to click it, switching the content in that section from English to Spanish?
    If so, my thought would be to create 2 separate <div> elements, one with the English content, and one with the Spanish content. An onClick handler on the 'I Understand Spanish' text would fire a script of that hides the <div> with the English content, and reveals the English. It could then also change the text of itself to prompt the user to switch back to English.

    Either way, the level of interaction you're looking for is all available through some relatively simple JavaScript.
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    I think she wants a nav dropdown, not a form dropdown:

    You can skip the IE problems and Javascript in the above article; it was written in 2003. Just using the :hover bit will make it work in all current browsers.
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    Actually, I discovered the art of using spry stuff with Dreamweaver. Awesome stuff!

    However, thanks to everyone for your help! It's greatly appreciated! :-)
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