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Amazing thread found on WoW Fan Board

SpencerForHireSpencerForHire Clawson, MI
edited February 2011 in Gaming
I am contacting you because i wish to let you know how i feel about the current state of the game monopoly. The game clearly has many issues that need to be addressed but i will state only the most obvious ones.

First off the game needs to be shortened. As a working man i have but only a few hours a week to put into the game. To correct this i propose the removal of certain spaces including "Connecticut avenue", "st. Charles place", "Tennessee avenue", "Indiana Avenue", and "Park place". By removing these it will be easier and quicker to move around the board making it less time consuming.

Second: i feel the hotels are to darn expensive and should be nerfed! To fix this i propose that each property should only require two houses before being able to purchase a hotel and allowing that hotel to bought at the cost of the original third house. I think this will help because i know Hasbro wants everybody to see the end game content and this will allow more players to reach hotel status.

Third: Free parking is boooring! I feel this space shows the lack of determination and creativity you guys have over at Hasbro. I think it would be beneficial to replace "free Parking" with maybe another "Go" space. I believe the extra funds from another "Go" space will be helpful extremely in the next point to be made.

Fourth : "Board Walk" IS OVERPOWERED! Wow i mean wow Hasbro i cant even tell you how many times i would wipe do to "Board Walk" It is just way to OP. It needs to be scaled down some. This bring me back to the Extra "Go" space i mentioned. I feel the extra income from another "Go" will help relieve some of the pressure from the monstrosity that is "Board Walk"

Fifth: "Go to Jail"? Ok lets be real, how does this make the game fun? Your stuck, you cant move and have to roll the dice three times in hopes of a double!! I mean jeez what are the odds of getting doubles? like 0.05 or something? how is this fair its like im stunned for 20 minutes with no possible way of moving anywhere! fix plz

Sixth: Utility's need MAJOR buff. Having the Utility's is more of a hassle. The cost to get them is just way to high vs the reward you get from somebody landing on it it barley dents them all at. They really just take up space on the board and i think they need a seriously buff or maybe some kind of redesign.

Seventh: Ok i don't know if its just me or not. but the "Community Chest" and "Chance" cards have not been being distributed randomly. It seems when i am able to obtain a card i just get cards in the same order of the previous game i played. Must be some kind of glitch on your end and needs to be fixed asap as it is taking away from some of the thrill of the game.

These are all the proposed Fixes i demand from Hasbro. If i dont hear word of any changes being implemented i will have no choice but to leave. I just cant play Monopoly in its current state and i am sad to see Hasbro (As such a reputable gaming company) has stooped so low as to ignore the true fans of this game.
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