NEA: video games are an art form

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    Oh ho ho ho

    happy day
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    Can I get a fuck yeah?
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    I already knew this YEARS ago...Way to finally catch up people.
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    Suck a dick, Ebert.
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    How brilliant. Definitely next in line for an NEA grant.
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    Five bucks says every game that'd actually be considered art won't even be classified as such. Another blunder for the art community!
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    This news story has brought the best and brightest to Icrontic.
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    I have not words.
  • Came here for this story. An all around excellent article.
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    Kwitko wrote:
    This news story has brought the best and brightest to Icrontic.
    Came here for this story.

    How prophetic, Seth! :respect:
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    ridiculous.Actually they could have invented some other word for their favorite video games,art is the worst choice,though
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    Who are these guys to decide that?
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    every art nowadays is utter garbage.
    it makes people stupid and egoistic.
    videogames don't need the contexts of art.
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    The Derp is strong with these ones.
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    Who know we might finally see some educational video games. I would like to play a Cold War era based game that doesn't involve me killing JF Kennedy.
  • Maybe this will lead to more games in the vein of what The Chinese Room is developing: First person, interactive games with an emphasis on story and immersion. This is a good development since a lot of what the NEA provides grants for doesn't resonate with younger generations.
  • doabarrellrolldoabarrellroll San Jose, CA Icrontian
    I guess the definition of art is that it serves no other purpose except itself.

    That being said, I guess you could admire a game for it's nostalgia factor in the same way you can eat off a set of Norman Rockwell plates and be reminded of the "good ole days".

    Some selections of music from games you could consider art, they work as great entertainment absent the game itself.

    I'm going to stop talking because I'm taking this waaaaaaaay too seriously.
  • midgamidga "There's so much hot dog in Rome" ~digi (> ^.(> O_o)> Icrontian
    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
    The Graveyard
    Everyday Shooter
    Cave Story
    ANYTHING by Amanita
    Blueberry Garden
    the Grow games

    And those are just the most "artsy" games I could think of off the top of my head. Many many games can easily be considered art as a whole, not just the pretty pictures or the soundtrack, and it's not even hard to stretch a bit and include some of the more commercial ones out there. Not all art has to be profound and make a statement, but many games succeed in doing that very very well. The fact that it's only being recognized as such in this decade is kinda sad.

    And art can and often does serve a purpose beyond itself. Hell, look no further than a place of worship to find art all over with the purpose of glorifying a deity. Art can be used to convey a message, to evoke a certain range of emotions, it's even used in therapy. I'd even bet most people in the privileged world have eaten art.

    I'm gonna stop there, not because I'm taking it seriously (because I do), but because it's waaaaaay past my bedtime.
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