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My wife will be working for 6 months in NYC. She'll be living on 7th Ave in Brooklyn. Here in Ohio we are using AT&T U-verse as IP, and thought I'd go with them in NYC as well. Unfortunately I just found out U-verse is not available in Brooklyn :confused2

Can anybody recommend a decent basic broadband IP for that area? My wife is not a gamer, so top speed is not required, but streaming video and Skype should not be an issue. An important requirement will be that they allow a 6 months contract, and don't force you to sign up for a year. Oh, here in Ohio our experience with Time Warner was nothing short of a nightmare. Unless they are the only option, I'd rather avoid them :eek3:

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    I would suggest asking this guy:
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    I'm not sure who serves that area for cable. It would be either Cablevision or Time Warner. The other choice is DSL, served by Verizon. Other than that, not many other choices. Every other DSL provider will have to go through Verizon's copper, and Verizon isn't very keen on setting up loops for other providers.

    For a short-term stay, I would go with cable. Generally they don't require contracts, whereas DSL will. Also, if she's staying in a building, they might already be wired.
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