Heatsinks for sale!

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I am getting a few too many heatsinks laying around here, so it's time to move them out.

1. First up, the Cooler master Hyper 212 Plus that I bought and used for my review. Still in very good shape and packed in it's original box. One of the fan brackets slightly cracked at a screw hole during testing, but I repaired it with superglue. Other than that, it's pristine and has all the instructions.

Looking around the net, it looks like the cheapest you can get one of these to your home is around $30 delivered. So I am selling this one
For $22 shipped.

Attachment 29112

I just tested the mounting system of the 212+ on a 775 board and an AM2 board and in either case there were no problems mounting the heatsink in either east-west or north-south orientation. This is a really nice mount that Cooler Master came up with for this heatsink

2. Next up for sale is the NZXT Havik 140 review sample which I did this review on. This is a good performing heatsink and can tame some of the hottest processors on the market. The fans that come with this are nice and look good and if you want to run 120 mm fans, this heatsink easily takes them. Since the review I have also tested fitment on a 775 board and also an AM2 board, with no major problems with either platform. And you can orient the heatsink either north-south or east-west on AM2, unlike some heatsinks.

Attachment 29113

Looking around, this one is still hard to find. The only place I found selling it is Xoxide.com, who is selling it for full MSRP of $74.95 plus shipping. So I am selling this one For $65 shipped.

4. Next up for grabs is the Zalman CNPS 9900 Max which I reviewed recently right here. This is a beautifully designed and built heatsink and gave good performance on my test system. I just tested fitmet on a 775 board and an AM2 board and it passed on both platforms, besides giving me no problems on my LGA1366 test system. With Intel systems, you can mount it in both north-south and east-west configurations. On AMD, it only mounts in an east-west configuration, which is what 99% of the people need anyways for best cooling performance. Also, this heatsink is in like-new shape.

Attachment 29114

Looking around the net, the cheapest I could find this heatsink is around $67 shipped. So I am pricing this at $55 shipped to the US.

Payment will be by USPS Money Order. I will cross ship with people I have traded with before or have great Heatware, at my discretion. Other methods of payment I will accept are to be discussed by PM only. Shipping costs are covered by myself and by the method I choose. I generally ship by USPS priority, but that isn't a given. And this only covers shipping to the US. I will ship to Canada, but you will pay for the difference in shipping and be responsible for any fees Canada sticks on you.

BTW, I should be putting some more heatsinks up for sale soon, so if these don't float your boat I'll have some different ones soon.

BTW, my Heatware is flawless and right here.


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    Mudd is absolutely good for his word.
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    Thank you Leo. :respect:

    Price drop on the Hyper 212 Plus to $20 shipped to the US. I can't drop it more because shipping will be $10.50 itself and that was a heatsink I bought and wasn't a review unit from the manufacturer.

    And damn, I don't know what happened to the original post, because it looks like ass. Leo could you go into and edit the colors in my post out that are defaulting to white please.
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    Thank you Leo. Now my original post is readable.:thumbsup:
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    Everything has sold but the Zalman CNPS 9900 Max. And I've lowered the price on it to $46 shipped.
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