Showing my gratitude

clifford_cooleyclifford_cooley Arkansas, USA Member
edited September 2011 in Folding@Home
Hi guys. :)

It has been a while since my last visit. I know its been a year and a half.

I always hated the fact that I only donated 77k, to the team that introduced me to Folding@Home. I created a team on another forum and picked up a few more folders, which was my goal. One of the guys is out producing me. It took him awhile but once the folding bug lead him to purchasing the i7 2600k, it didn't take him long to pass.

Anyway I'm back for awhile to show my gratitude for the introduction and education. I may not have ask many questions but your forum had lots of answers buried within the threads. All I needed to do was read them.


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