Good Old Games calls out Steam



  • KarmaKarma Likes yoga Icrontian
    It is stupid to say that you shouldn't use GoG because it isn't Steam or that GoG shouldn't even bother because it isn't Steam. It's a disservice to everyone involved. I have been becoming more and more annoyed with Steam, it is becoming too far reaching into my life. I don't want any service to become so big that every new game feels that it needs to have a tie into Steam. Especially because I am starting to have more issues with steam randomly crashing and not being able connect to my internet correctly.

    I for one could never leave steam forever since 201 games are on it, but I am more than willing to adopt other services. I don't even have a problem with Origin, I feel like the interface is smoother, less bulky and overall cleaner, plus I get much faster download speeds.

    Plus I want to be able to tell my brother hey you should check out this game and just be able to give him a copy to play. That way I don't have to let him play on my computer or login onto my account on his long enough to download and play it.

    I also buy games off Amazon so.......
  • IlriyasIlriyas The Syrupy Canadian Toronto, Ontario Icrontian
    I personally enjoy GoG because of the massive selection of older games they have in their library, not to mention the relatively low prices all things considered.

    They may not be as massive in scope as Steam but the ability to play their games offline and even play them on another PC is a huge bonus. This is all great, especially considering that my ISP is flaky at best and being unable to log onto Steam when half of my games are connected to it gets to be rather irritating.
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