New laptop help/suggestions please.

BladephoenixBladephoenix Member
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Need a laptop for school next year, and gaming. This will be my main computer since I'm in residence. Looking for something within $500-$1000 range.

Considering this one:

Any input appreciated. Thanks.


  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
    Define "gaming."
  • BladephoenixBladephoenix Member
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    Basically I want it to be able to at least run Battlefield 3. Doesn't need to be high graphics or anything. League of legends is a must though =p.
  • ardichokeardichoke Icrontian
    You might want to look for something with a better display. 1366x768 is lousy for gaming (or anything in my opinion)
  • UPSKingpinUPSKingpin Sir Elkhart, IN Icrontian
    I just got a Dell XPS 17 (L702X) last week and I'm loving it. It's a powerhouse, and you can pick up a less-equipped version for under a grand. Currently running LoL at maxed settings and getting max framerate.
  • TheironhandTheironhand Centerline, Michigan Icrontian
    I don't know if you want to make it your main gaming system but Alienware is really good brand, may be over priced though.
  • I hear Alienware sort of craps out after 1 year or so of use. This will be my main system for what I hope to be at least 2 years.
    That Dell XPS17 made me drool. Any way to get it on monthly payments?

    Also revoking my initial choice after some more research. Any1 have some insight into previously mentioned Alienware problem?
  • Cliff_ForsterCliff_Forster Icrontian
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    Honestly any laptop that tries too hard to squeeze in desktop class components is going to be challenged for reliability (older Alienware's). Nice thing about the more recent advances in APU's for the laptop market is the gain in efficiency makes gaming possible in smaller form factors and for smaller budgets. If your going to budget under 1K and game, I still think the AMD A10 is going to be your only great option for that budget. I'm not 100% sure where they will price, but speculation is around $700 or so.
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