AMD G34 4-Processor System for Sale

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- NOTE - I'm putting this thread in the FOLDING category and not the trading forum for two reasons:
1) this is an expensive, high powered machine, ideal for Folding, and probably not of much interest to the general user
2) this is not my system, but a friend's

Anyway, if anyone's interested in a G34 '4P' folder, let me know, and I can put in touch with a trusted individual. Two of us here at Icrontic have made high-dollar purchases from him before. He has a system for sale, but has not yet posted it on any forums:

Motherboard: Tyan S8812
CPUs: 4x AMD "Magny Cours" Opteron 6164HE
Heatsinks: 4 x Cooler Master Hyper 212+
Memory: 32GB DDR3-1333 CL7 (16 X 2GB)
PSU: Seasonic X650

Asking Price: $1700 w/PSU, $1600 w/out

This machine typically folds at a rate of about 350-360K PPD. This is a very good price for a 4P G34 Magny Cours system. All you'd need to add would be a hard drive - any old drive and Linux.

Serious prospective buyers, please PM me. I have nothing to gain from this sale, other than helping out a friend.


  • TimTim Southwest PA Icrontian
    350K from the 4 cpus only? Nice output! I wonder what the 6200 series 16 core Opterons will do.
  • LeonardoLeonardo Wake up and smell the glaciers Eagle River, Alaska Icrontian
    (yes, i realize my reply is three weeks after the last post) Unfortunately, the 6200 series Opterons (Interlagos) require more power but perform about the same as the 6100 series (Magny Cours) in Folding. Rumor has it that Pande Group is working on possible optimizations that can leverage the Interlagos architecture, but I don't place much stock in that.
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