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BWE2 Experience

SpencerForHireSpencerForHire Clawson, MI
edited June 2012 in Gaming
How did your BWE2 experience go?

Did you feel that the game was more on track or less on track than BWE1?

Is your search for "the class to play" go well?

What has you most excited about the game?

For me I was overall very happy with BWE2. I didn't want to over-do PvE so I dabbled a bit with a new class and then threw myself into PvP. PvP was surprisingly more pleasant than I imagined it would be (and I'm a PvP lackey). The reward and rank system is way better than it was in GW1 (think Hall of Heroes). What I mean by this is that you can essentially do random arenas for the same rewards (sort of) that you get for doing tournaments, the rewards just come at a slightly slower pace. This means that you can always be working towards that end goal. It just rewards you for every ounce of effort put in. That is a system I can get behind.

As far as classes go, Mesmer was disappointingly behind the other classes and now feels like it is in a place where it will always be too powerful or too weak simply because of how outside of the box clones are for a class.

Engineer was enjoyable but isn't for me, ranger too.

In the end, Necromancer ended up being really good to me and more than ever seems like the choice I will end up making. The class has a nice balance of strength in both PvP and PvE.

All-in-all the Beta seemed very well put together. We saw about zero of the previous issues with servers from BWE1 and were able to just enjoy the game and actually test the content. I for one am very excited to see the finished product.


  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Watch Slut, Mumble Hivemind Drone Austin, TX Icrontian
    Once again, I am on a quest to out-Paladin Lebeau. It's on like Donkey Kong.
  • fatcatfatcat Mizzou Icrontian
    Friday there was so much lag it was unplayable.
    Saturday I didn't get time to play.
    Sunday anytime I zoned to a new area I would get the "can't log in to servers" error and have to reload the game and/or wait 10-15 minutes to get back into the game.

    also, I think pets (ranger) are broke. I got to level 7 and my pet was still level 4 o.O
  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    I experienced none of those problems, but I didn't play ranger. Good experience, though I didn't try PvP yet.
  • CycloniteCyclonite Tampa, Florida Icrontian
    I didn't play in the first BWE, but I got a chance to play an Elementalist to level 7 or so. It was pretty fun. Had the lag issue for a bit on Saturday. Came back 45 minutes later and everything was great. Looking forward to being able to play more.
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