please help me choose my next cellphone

ins4n17yins4n17y Cabanatuan City, Philippines Icrontian
i'm looking for a good smartphone that has: at least adreno 320 graphics or better, 2gb ram or more, MUST be waterproof, MUST NOT be oled, and MUST have a removable battery AND camera flash with both FRONT and REAR cameras.

i live in the philippines. it rains for 6 months, then sun for 6 months. it rains when the sun shines. i like to play games, and eat up tons of ram. i also like the brightness all the way up (i did this to my amoled samsung and it has the most horrible burn in i have ever seen so TFT only so i need another phone), which is why i opt for a removable battery so i can buy at least two. i plan on doing skype and video chat as well as a decent camera that can take decent shots in both normal and low light hence the flash. i also read and love to read ebooks so a large screen preferably 5 inches but i guess i can settle for the xperia zr's 4.6, as long as it's not oled.

so my two choices are down to xperia zr and galaxy s4 active. however, i need or i'd like to know if the zr uses a oled or tft screen. gsm arena says no, but others (some sites on google) say otherwise, i'd also like to know if the battery is removable.

i like the zr's screen, form, technology, but the oled might be a dealbreaker, it also has a nice walkman attachment i can use for music and its more robust than the s4 active.

if anyone has any reccomendations i would also welcome that thanks.


  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
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    Your combination of musts doesn't exist.
  • KwitkoKwitko Sheriff of Banning (Retired) By the thing near the stuff Icrontian
    What's the problem with OLED?
  • ins4n17yins4n17y Cabanatuan City, Philippines Icrontian
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    as far as i'm concerned thrax, the xperia zr and galaxy s4 active meet my requirements, so does the lg optimus gj but i'm not a big fan of lg. the thing with oled is it doesn't have a backlight. it's own pixels generate its own light and thus, some pixels when lit for very long periods of time especially at high brightness, degrade much faster than pixels around it. pixels such as the taskbar or clock can "suddenly" burn in after 6 months. i also do not like to change the background often on my phone, and my amoled phone has its wallpaper burned in-it is similar to plasma flatscreens burn in issues or image retention and it is ugly. i have a friend with a galaxy s2 with this issue, i've seen it myself, and you can google it as well to see effects of amoled/oled burn in. backlit screens do not have this issue, as led lit backlit screens degrade uniformly in brightness and often last much longer than oled. oled is a relatively new technology compared to tft/led and thus maybe they will fix that in subsequent generations. but with my samsung phone, and my horrible experience with oled, i don't want an oled or amoled screen.

    xperia zr or galaxy active for me.
  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian lists the screen as TFT
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