High quality DVI-D to VGA/BNC converter


I have a Sony GDM-FW900 monitor, which is very good, but it only supports analog video inputs. It seems that newer video cards are dropping analog outputs (latest high end AMD video cards no longer support analog output), so I may need a converter from DVI-D (digital) to VGA or BNC (analog). However, it seems that I can only find lower frequency converters, up to 1920x1200@60Hz, while the monitor supports 1920x1200@85Hz and 2304x1440@80hz. Do you know of any manufacturer that makes these converters that support high resolutions and refresh rates?


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    Maybe that would work? I couldn't find a spec sheet that listed the frequency, but it does explicitly say up to 1920x1200.

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    While new video cards are dropping VGA output, many still use HDMI output and some come with HDMI -> VGA adapters. MY new Dell uses a AMD R9 270 card, and it has a HDMI output and came with a HDMI -> VGA adapter in the box, for example.

    Note, this is just a socket to socket wired converter, no electronics to restrict refresh rates (frequency). Might be easier to go for that kind of thing. :)

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    Not only are new GPUs dropping VGA output, they are dropping all support for analog signaling.

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    BH Photo Video may have something in their pro video format conversion offering which does what you need but it is almost certainly going to be more expensive than the residual value of your monitor.

  • I do not really care about the "residual value" of my monitor. As long as the converter costs less than a couple hundred dollars, I'm OK with it. I will most likely use this monitor until the tube wears out/fails.

    My problem is that the vast majority of the converters are designed for use with projectors or older LCD monitors and cannot support high refresh rates (which translate to very high pixel clock frequencies). Also, older HDMI versions do not support 1920x1200@85Hz.

    The converter I need would either be dual link DVI or HDMI version 2.0 (1.3 may be able to support this, but it would be at the limits of its capabilities).

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