Dickbots IV thru VI, I think? [Game over. Humans lose]



  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian

    Holy crap they have a never-ending supply of planes.

    Oh, that's why.

    Our few interceptors put up a brave defense:

    Then they attacked vulnerable units in the water:

    But surely they'll leave the real navy alone?

    Nope. They strafed @PirateNinja's battleship five times until it finally sank.

    Oh well. At least I took care of that Settler.

  • ffffuuuuuuuuu......

  • I have been painfully searching every turn for their oil each turn. "Oh"

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
    edited November 2015

    Damage from airstrikes this turn:

    England lost one Landsknecht, one artillery, two other artillery also hit
    Portugal lost one infantry
    I lost one artillery and one triplane
    Germany lost two artillery, city also hit twice by fighters and twice by bombers

    Total dickbot airstrikes: 31

    Ein Berliner is in bad shape:

  • These airstrike reports are awesome, thanks Garg.

  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian

    Yeah, it's not looking good for the donut.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
    edited November 2015

    Goodbye, sweet prince.

    Airstrike damage report:
    @Tushon /Germany: destroyed: one artillery, Ein Berliner
    Gargoyle /Russia: destroyed: one artillery. damaged: one triplane
    @Basil /England: destroyed: one artillery. damaged: one infantry
    @PirateNinja /Portugal: damaged: one artillery
    @GHoosdum /Arabia: no damage

    Total airstrikes: 23

  • Sad day :(

    But in better news we will acquire a tile of uranium on my next turn. I believe @Basil will be getting some as well. And Fukashima will be dead next turn.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian

    Looks like I have a tile of uranium in my territory, too. Unless I missed one or there's some in a tile we haven't explored, I think the only place the dickbots have uranium is Fukushima. That's a lucky break!

  • I'm pretty sure I'm dying next, I had all my military positioned in action E/NE of Ein Berliner. Nothing is at home to defend the capitol.

  • Basil is actually in a tough spot right now. I'm going to send some battleships north to help him. Fukushima is dead and as long as basil can buy out the uranium northwest of his city we will have a monopoly on it. In 2 turns we can start getting aa. Rob I think you can be ok. You have a little time to rebuild a small land army and some forts around your city. That with bombarding battleships should keep you alive. I don't think we can afford to lose you though so do let us know how to help. As long as we can survive until we can build nukes and before they xcom we should win this.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian

    Do we need to do anything special with Tushon's turn now that his city is taken out? I remember we had issues with CB was dickbotted.

  • Let's roll the dice and see what happens, the CB debacle was due to a stray worker but if I recall correctly I modded the save and removed complete kills so even if Tushon has/had a stray unit upon losing his cities there should be no AI to take his turn. If we run in to issues I can load up the debug thing and finger it out.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
    edited November 2015

    Got Satsuma!

    Just barely. Don't think I had any overkill on the city HP.

    Surprisingly, I didn't see any fighter strikes this turn. Just 3x bomber attacks that took out a privateer and softened up an infantry before a tank rolled over it. Both Arabian, I think. I'm kind of wondering if my slow laptop just didn't pan the screen in time to see strikes, but all of their fighters should be pretty wounded at this point.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian

    No fighter strikes, but some bombing runs on Mecca. @GHoosdum will be feeling pressure now.

    We learn Ballistics this turn! Buy some AA if you've got the gold.

  • I'll be doing AA ASAP.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
    edited December 2015

    @Basil, make sure you sink that dickbot-in-a-boat and buy some AA. Fighters hit London six times, and if they do it again, any melee unit within range can take your city.

    They also built another city on your border: brown Satsuma. If it looks like you're staying alive, I can try to gift you my general so you can steal some land from it and built a fort, if you think that would help.

    I'm building the Manhattan Project, and will have uranium in five turns. Because of Russia's bonus, I should have plenty to share.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian

    No fighter strikes this turn, but saw lots shuffling around. There were three bombing runs on @GHoosdum's destroyer, but it survived. His AA helped intercept the first strike.

    I'm saddened to discover we need a whole 'nother tech before we can build nukes. Gotta make it another 20 turns or so without losing any more cities.

    Gave you my general, @Basil. Use however is helpful.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
    edited December 2015

    All six of Toyama's zeroes were in intercept mode this turn, so they didn't strike. I'll try to keep them afraid of my bombers to keep them from hitting Basil. I'm glad we get to upgrade to proper planes in a couple turns.

    I'm currently splitting my forces between reinforcing Basil and building up to hit Toyama.

    @PirateNinja lost two ironclad this turn, one to a sub, one to a bomber.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian

    @Basil you have got to buy some AA. They hit you with six fighters again, leaving London critically low. The dickbots have Mechanized Infantry and Tanks, and can roll in from outside the fog of war and capture London any time there aren't units in the way and the HP is low enough, which is the current situation.

    I have an AA gun outside London, and it shot down the first fighter attack, but can only intercept once per turn. A couple more would make a big difference.

  • BasilBasil Nubcaek England Icrontian

    First AA done, second next turn.
    Need land units to ZoC and physically block otherwise bazookas/helicopters/tanks would dick me regardless.

    Gonna sneak your general over to new Satsuma and swipe that uranium from them once I get another land unit to shield his advance.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
    edited December 2015

    AA is making a difference! Between @Basil and I, we shot down the first three airstrikes on London this round, only the fourth actually damaged London for more than a point.

    @GHoosdum's AA also helped: it shot down the first bomber that went for his infantry, and damaged the next one. The end result was his infantry had enough HP to survive the following ground attack.

    @PirateNinja and I will have nukes very soon. I forgot to offer uranium to @Basil and @GHoosdum, though! @PirateNinja, did you offer uranium to either of them? I could offer to the other next turn. I have 4 total, but likely can only offer 2 in trade because I mined 2, and Russia gets double.

    I also upgraded all of my planes, and should be able to cash in my great merchant next turn if Tyre didn't place it's units goofy. I've switched to scientists, and should have a great scientist in 9 turns.

    Edit: forgot to mention, Ise will have the Hubble Telescope in ~5 turns.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian

    Just got your Steam message, @PirateNinja. If you sent your uranium to Basil, I'll send my extra to GH next turn :thumbsup:

  • Thanks guys! Nuke get!

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
    edited December 2015

    @GHoosdum's artillery was attacked 4x by fighers, but the first two were shot down by AA. His Battleship was struck 3x by fighters based in Ein Berliner.
    @PirateNinja's battleship was hit twice by bombers based in Ise.
    It would be nice to have destroyers guarding our other ships (since they have air intercept ability), but nukes are the bigger priority right now.

    GH - there are 3-4 purple ships roughly 7 hexes northwest of your battleship near Ein Berliner. Your ship may be more useful hitting ground targets, but thought I'd give you some info.

    I'll have Toyama next turn :biggrin:

  • I just nuked the crap out of Ein Berliner. This turn I'm building a paratrooper, followed by another nuke. I plan to take out the city in 2 turns.

    The purple ships NW of my battleship actually took out my last ironclad this turn. I think they had 1 or 2 subs, and I sunk one and lost to the other.

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
    edited December 2015

    Well everybody ( @GHoosdum, @PirateNinja, @Tushon, @Basil, @CB ), we had our fun...

    But the dickbots had enough of the fireworks, and left us for space.

    Records of our struggle:

    I submitted the turn if folks want to play just one more. But otherwise, who wants to get medieval?

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
    edited December 2015

    We're now in Zombies vs. Dickbot mode.

    @Basil, watch out, Wellington has a sub and hit your battleship. You probably want to get your boat out of there.

  • I like to think of it as this: even though the dickbots shipped their AI core off to Alpha Centauri, we humans remain behind on earth to wipe the last of their scum and villainy off the map of the planet we hold dear.

  • TIL that even in a one city challenge, when you take an allied city back, it reverts to the original owner instead of razing the city. Ein Berliner is back in German control, although it's looking a bit nukey.

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