The League Season 5 is March 11 - June 17

LincLinc OwnerDetroit Icrontian
edited February 2015 in Team Fortress 2

The fifth season of the League of Extraordinary Icrontians will be a little different.

First, we're moving to Wednesday nights. Second, we're slating a 4-hour timeslot from 9pm-1am EST / 6-10pm PST to catch more of you passing thru. And third, the season ends with Expo. That's right, it's just 15 weeks long.

We're doing this to focus participation on a limited span of time, but also because we're going to be doing some meta gaming this year. In the past, we've given an Icrontic badge for anyone who shows up to any League night. This year, we'll be expanding on that concept. Things like how much you play and what you do while on the server will be counted. We're still finalizing these plans and will announce details on opening night.

Need reminders? The Icrontic Calendar (XML, iCal) is here to help.

And fear not, the rest of your year will not be TF2-free. There will be a Fall 2015 series event as well. :ninja:

We're seeking assistance to overhaul the server in time for opening night. I'm guessing a full reinstall & fresh copy of Sourcemod will be needed. If you're game, please contact @primesuspect and/or me.



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