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  • Geeky1Geeky1 University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA, USA)
    edited December 2003
    Looks excellent. Very, very nice job.

    I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, but a few things have stopped me:
    1. Lack of funds for an 18"+ LCD (I require 1280x1024 bare minimum, 1600x1200 preferable)
    2. Haven't found a case that I want to use
    3. Haven't felt like making my own case
  • fudgamfudgam Upstate New York
    edited December 2003
    Looks bad-a** man. Nice work.
  • polarys425polarys425 Harrisonburg, VA
    edited December 2003
    thanks again guys for the nice comments.

    anyone know if theres any such thing as a usb to pcmcia adapter?

    i found a pci card type, otherwise its a pci card in which the pcmcia slot would be on the rear of a normal case. but seeing as my pci slots arent available to use and even if i could use them, the way my board is mounted it wouldnt do me any good.

    so i'd like to be able to plug a pcmcia device into usb if theres such an adapter. i have a couple wireless pcmcia cards here, it be nice to be able to use one in this computer.
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
    edited December 2003
    Apparently this is actually USB 2 -

    Some sites seem to just label that as a converter, others say it is just for CMS and ABS items, so I would have a look around a bit more first.
  • CyrixInsteadCyrixInstead Stoke-on-Trent, England Icrontian
    edited December 2003
    polarys that is one amazing mod. I'd pay money for a computer like that!

  • ishiiiishiii Cold lake, AB, CA
    edited December 2003
    yes it is a very sweet case.
    Nice work
  • FormFactorFormFactor At the core of forgotten
    edited December 2003
    dude that is kickass!!!

    I likes a lot!!!! How much will the end result cost? if you dont mind my asking.
  • polarys425polarys425 Harrisonburg, VA
    edited January 2004
    FormFactor wrote:
    dude that is kickass!!!

    I likes a lot!!!! How much will the end result cost? if you dont mind my asking.

    to duplicate it as i have it would take about $1400 to build from scratch. you could however use smaller HD's, less memory, etc to cut costs.

    specs as it is:

    15" Compaq LCD
    NF7-S rev2
    1gig pc3200
    Athlon 2600+ tbred
    Swiftech MC462+ heatsink
    Aopen 5200 graphic card
    40gb WD (system drive)
    160gb WD SE (storage)
    Lite-on 411s DVD writer
    logitech wireless mouse
    Zippy mini keyboard
    Antec 400w PSU
    X-box carrying case (turn computer case)
    fan duct
    couple fans, and all the other misc stuff
  • panzerkwpanzerkw New York City
    edited January 2004
    Most impressive... :wow2:
  • QCHQCH Ancient Guru Chicago Area - USA Icrontian
    edited January 2004
    Very nice.... It's a laptop with many of the problems corrected. Almost like to old "portable Computers" of the early 90's. The "breadbox" laptops. They weighted, like 20 lbs, blue and white screen that popped out and a full sized keyboard.
  • edcentricedcentric near Milwaukee, Wisconsin Icrontian
    edited January 2004
    Nice work polarys, a true 'transportable'.
    I knew a guy with a 486 that he built a wooden box for. I like the 'tech' look of yours.
  • NoFutureNoFuture In a 3D world...
    edited January 2004
    Very very nice work here!!!

  • MAGICMAGIC Doot Doot Furniture City, Michigan Icrontian
    edited January 2004
    nice :)
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