Vanilla t-shirts!

LincLinc BardDetroit
edited December 2017 in Style

I am taking requests for Vanilla t-shirts!


  • Ends after 10 requests or 48 hours from now, whichever comes first.
  • Limit 1 per person.
  • Claim here only, don't message me please.
  • PICK UP ONLY no later than EXPO 2018.
  • You must name a valid type / size combo from the options below.


  • Blue unisex with white hollow logo (XS - XXL).
  • Blue women's v-neck with white hollow logo (S - L). One coworker suggested these run a little small.
  • Red unisex with yellow logo made of tiny smiley faces (L or XL only).


Closeup of the tiny smiley logo:



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