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2K Games and WWE agree on multi-year deal

2K Games and WWE agree on multi-year deal

The Rock's new WWE Championship Belt2K Games are now able to “Layeth the Smackdown” on the wrestling world by reaching an agreement with WWE in a multi-year deal which gives 2K games the exclusive worldwide rights to publish the WWE video game franchise. The WWE games will continue to be developed by Yukes in Japan. This news seems to come just in time—considering that WWE just displayed their brand new WWE Championship Belt that is currently held by The Rock.

David Ismailer, Chief Operating Officer for 2K Games said,

The WWE series is a great addition to our stable of triple-A titles, and we’re very happy with this exclusive agreement with our new partners. We look forward to capturing the excitement of WWE and marrying it with the same commitment to authenticity and entertainment that we give to our NBA 2K and MLB 2K franchises.

Will they be able to produce a game with the same intensity THQ had when they release the title? A good majority of their sports games have been very solid over the years—I do miss their NFL 2K games.

Casey Collins, Executive Vice President, Consumer Products for WWE adds,

2K’s reputation for outstanding quality and dedication to authenticity are a perfect fit for WWE. This new partnership will ensure that WWE continues to be one of the leading video game brands in the world and we look forward to continuing the franchise with the benefit of their expertise across a variety of platforms.

I am extremely excited that 2K games will be releasing the next installment of the WWE Video Game. Hopefully we’ll be able to see what they have to offer come E3 2013. WWE ’14 is scheduled to be released in fall of 2013.


  1. mertesn
    mertesn While I don't have much interest in the game, I am glad EA didn't get it.
  2. Cliff_Forster
    Cliff_Forster Wrestling games are very hit and miss but I mostly enjoy them when they take an arcade approach. WWE All Stars is a fine fighting game. On the more traditional yearly release the create a character mode is always a joy. I can spend more time doing that than in the ring.

    Pro Wrestling always has been a guilty pleasure. I find it's best in short controlled portions. You watch every hour they broadcast your brain starts to mush a bit, but once a month you just kinda tune in, have a beer, see some athletes do some amazing stuff, laugh a little at the ridiculous stories, it's all in good fun. It's great material for video games. I'm sure 2K will pick up where THQ left off.
  3. Sonorous
    Sonorous When I was a kid I loved watching wrestling, but I have always liked the video games. In a way I find them less cheesy. I hope 2k does a good job with it.
  4. Cliff_Forster
    Cliff_Forster If anyone from 2K is reading this. Seriously, custom wrestlers using your own face, taking entrance music from your own collection, your own pyro and tools to make your own big screen video in the background. Not that I'd make myself a digital bad ass or anything....

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